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The magma chamber may take millions of years to cool, creating fantastic crystals, beautiful colors, and visual movement. Granite is composed of quartz, potassium feldspar and sodium feldspar, as well as the mirror constituents of Muscovite, Biotite and Amphibole (the last two being dark silicates). As more millions of years pass the magma chamber inches its way upward where it may finally be exposed as an outcropping or a mountain.

Examples of exposed granite would be Pike's Peek, Mount Rushmore or Yosemite National Park. Most magma chambers never make it to the surface. As granite is nearly as hard as diamond, it takes a diamond to cut it.

This yellow granite has numerous uses: as a building material, floor,and sculpture products, like: granite bathtubs, granite sinks, granite fireplace, granite garden benches and fountians.yellow granite,granite carvings ganite bathtub You could check the real products in this color


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