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Large double-deck fireplace mantel designs are that place in your home which very important in terms of decoration. Since the fireplace mantel designs become a place of central focus in your living room, it is essential that the fireplace mantel designs are decorated appropriately so that the overall look of the fireplace area is enhanced. You must utilize your decorative and imaginative mind to accessorize your fireplace mantel designs so that the guests can get a chance to appreciate the look of your living room whole-heartedly. Here are certain smart tips that will help you get the fireplace mantel designs attractively and beautifully. Hang a large family portrait in the fireplace mantel designs to give a personal feel to it. An elegant and stylish wall clock can also be installed in the fireplace mantel. If an antique wall clock is compatible with your living room then you can install it only as it will look perfect above the fireplace mantel designs. This living room is warm, comfortable, and sophisticated -- perfect for relaxing or entertaining. The limestone fireplace mantel designs are the focal point of the room, with the elevated stone hearth, and white wraparound mantel. A white mantel contrasts the stone surround, and corresponds with the pops of white throughout the room. Furnishings in beige and yellow reflect the tones in the fireplace mantel designs for an overall cohesive look. Details make this ordinary fireplace mantel designs setup stand out. The substantial stepped cornice fireplace mantel designs are supported by fluted columns, creating classic appeal. you like New Home Stone fireplace mantels designs,contact now.

-Large double fireplace mantel designs by natural beige marble
-High polished surface finish
-100% hand carved fireplace mantel designs by the natural stone blocks
-creates a stylish,natural look in your room
-Available in any size to suit for your space
-New Home Stone offers different fireplace mantel designs

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