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How to build a fireplace mantel,Color is the great decorating reviver. One simple addition of color can completely change a room's look. Try this trick on the wall if you want to know how to build a fireplace mantel. We talk about how to build a fireplace mantel,first choose a paint color based on an object that is already in your room: the background of an area rug or the print on a throw pillow. Apply the color suitable with your fireplace mantel for a quick and affordable update. Emphasize a room's height by displaying a tall frame, mirror, or art piece on your large double fireplace mantel. and when we build a fireplace mantel,please consider how to choose an object that contrasts with the fireplace mantel for even more impact. This type fireplace mantel from New Home finish of the piece embed in the white fireplace wall, and this fireplace mantel show the natural textures and unique effect in the room. most people don't know how to build a fireplace mantel with a nature and luxury feeling,if you still get trouble in "how to build a fireplace mantel", i think you can get the answer from New Home,contact them now.

-How to build a firepalce mantel by natural beige marble
-High polished surface finish
-100% hand carved fireplace mantel by the natural stone blocks
-creates a stylish,natural look in your room
-Available in any size to suit for your space
-New Home Stone will help you on "how to build a fireplace mantel"

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