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Sculptured Arts Studio have developed a unique dry marble statues forming process, and over the past 20 years Sculptured Arts have lead the way with no body coming close to the quality and finish of our reproduction sculptures. With the technical expertise and support of the artists and craftsmen employed by Sculptured Arts Studio we set about to produce a sculpture range, made in limited numbers and when finished each piece would stand within the finest of interiors or collections, authentic to the eye, smooth and cold to the touch, with fine crisp detail, exactly like an original fine art marble statues sculpture. We manage this by dry casting white Carrara marble, this means over 90% of the finished marble statues sculpture is natural marble statues. Architects, Interior designers, Film & T.V studios, Restorers, Antique & Interior shops, Department stores and retailers make sure they get the highest quality marble statues sculpture and professional advice by specifying Sculptured Arts Studio

-Natural beige marble statues sculptures
-100% hand carving marble statues by the natural marble blocks
-The beige marble statues sculptures size will be customized according to your design
-All the stone carving marble statues parts are made by famous sculptor
-The garden marble statues carving creates the beautiful garden and value investment


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