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This Modern Bathtub (in the picture) is NEWHOMESTONE Company Classic Type--Chiseled Sunny Gold exterior with highly Polished Round rim and interior, Much of the carving is done by hand with calculated blows from a hammer and chisel.
Modern Bathtub material can be granite or marble or another material , you can choose the best one for your own bathroom. we can assure you each modern bathtub is spectacular and unique,Each modern bathtub having its own shape and color. Then all you have to do is place it in a bathroom where to look natural, so try to give your bathroom a natural look by choosing a modern bathtub and maybe some rough natural stone decorations.The cost for each modern bathtub depends on the size and material, so contact us and discuss more modern bathtub ideas

-Natural beige marble material modern bathtub
-Luxury,simple,modern bathtub design for you
-Round and oval style modern bathtub is all available with a seat inside
-100% hand-carved modern bathtub Interior polished to perfection with rugged,naturalistic exterior
-Creates a luxurious,natural look in the bathroom modern bathtub
-Standard Size:68"*31"*23".All modern bathtub is available in any size to suit your space
-Exceptional quality modern bathtub suitable for luxury hotels
-Matching sinks with the modern bathtub design is available.

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