2016 Creamy marble bathtub



2016 Creamy white marble bathtub is one of the most popular color stone bath tubs. Its elegant creamy surface is last forever. And the color is also match to most of the modern bathrooms. If you are have a difficulty to decide which color to choose, creamy white marble bathtub is always make no mistake.

—Marble Bathtub Size:
      Standard Oval stone bath tub: 72”*32”*24”.
      Custom design stone bath tub: We could hand carving your ideal soaker tub,such like corner bathtubs,freestanding bathtubs,clawfoot bathtubs,extra large stone bath tubs,small bathtub for children,stone bathtub surrounds. etc. all of our soaker tubs are 100% hand made from natural stone.
—Bathtub Material & Bathtub Color: Various of natural marble, granite,limestone,sandstone for you to choose. hundreds of natural stone color for you to choose.
—Delivery time & Shipping : we need 20-25 days to produce the stone bathtub(100% hand carving) ,due to heavy weight of the natural stone tub, all the shipping will by sea. For instance,It cost 20-30days to ship to Unite States. For other countries, please contact us through email we will reply you soon.
—100% Refund Guarantee: If the stone bathtub is broken or lost when you get it, we offer 100% money refund.


—Where I can see the review ?
      Please check the reviews from our old clients on NewHomeStone on HOUZZ.
—Can you make custom design?
      Yes, Its our special services, from Corner bathtub to round bathtubs,large bathtubs,small bathtubs to claw foot bathtubs, stone bathtub surrounds, we could make for you!
—Can you carve characters or signature on a Stone bath tub?
      Yes, we could do it free for you! just send a photo of your signature to us , we could carve it on your stone bath tub. A signature forever. a grace gift forever!


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