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This carving stone nature stone bathtub is a very simple and beautiful design, like many of his creations. The nature stone bathtub has beautiful lines, a curved shape and a friendly form. A nature stone bathtub was especially designed for two persons to be able to enjoy taking a bath together, feeling comfortable together. And like many modern designs, this nature stone bathtub is also stylish and colorful. The bathtub is available in many bright and happy colors. Nature stone bathtub is a beautiful piece that would look great in a modern bathroom that shares the same style and has the same beautiful characteristic. I especially like the curved lines that follow the human body’s silhouette. This nature stone bathtub makes it especially comfortable and suitable for personal use. So in case you were loo king for a unique and special bathtub design for your bathroom, this is design you should keep in mind, in case you’re planning to share this space with your partner or loved one.

-Nature stone bathtub white marble with few gray veins.
-Oval nature stone bathtub creates a luxury bathroom and easy to clean.
-100% hand carved from the finest of materials
-Standard Size:68"*31"*23".Available in any size to suit your space
-Exceptional quality,suitable for luxury hotels
-Customizable to suit plumbing,room layout and any other considerations


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