Choosing the Best Marble Garden Statue for Your Garden Landscape

Your outdoor oasis is as important as your indoor sanctuary; however, it is incomplete without proper landscaping and the perfect marble garden statue. Choosing a new piece of statuary for your outdoor space is like picking up artwork for your home. There is a wide variety of garden statuary in various sizes and different material make.

You can incorporate a beautiful statue of the Blessed Mother to adorn your garden or a Guardian Angel or your favourite saint or anything at all. Regardless of your preference, there is a vast selection of garden statues for you to choose from.

You need to focus on what you need, what you will enjoy must be the main focal point in your garden. It must have the right features to complete and enhance the beauty of your garden, while pleasing your personal style preference. Here are some of the best garden statues, including marble statues, animal statues, life-size stone sculptures, and marble sculptures.

Carved Statue

This figurine of a Victorian woman sculpted out of white marble blocks is completely hand-carved. It features a highly smooth, polished surface. The white statue can be customized to suit your landscape. It has been designed and sculpted by skilled craftsmen. It will create a stunning layout and add value addition to your garden landscape.

Twin Sisters Statues

Presented by New Home Stone Company, these twin statues are an absolutely brilliant sight to behold. 100 percent hand-carved, the marble statues features two identical female sculptures with flower bouquets in their hands. Moreover, you can send the manufacturer a design or drawing of your preference and they will custom make it for your garden.

Dancing Girls Statues

Featuring four women sculptures, this set of dancing girls is entirely hand-carved and polished to give them a smooth surface. Wearing different attires and dancing in different poses, the dancing girls statues are made from natural marble blocks by skilled craftsmen. The white marble scultures can be customized to fit into your landscape and create a value investment.

Marble Warrior Sculpture

The warrior marble statue stands for a symbol of courage and bravery. Entirely hand-carved from natural white marble blocks, it features a warrior with a javelin in his hand while riding on a horse - just imagine a journey from ancient times and the warriors who participated in those. It has been meticulously carved from stone and can be customized to suit your space according to your design.

Baby Angel Sculpture

This baby angel sculpture is absolutely adorable and has been chiselled from natural stone blocks. It features a baby, standing on a pedestal with his tiny wings, holding a basket of roses. It has been completely hand-carved and can be customized to fit into your landscape design impeccably. The white marble statue is made by skilled craftsmen and has an admiring beauty to it.

Female Marble Sculpture

This garden ornament marble sculpture is hand-carved from natural white marble blocks. This statue of a female is carved with a big urn/vase on her lap, as she sits on pedestal. It will make wonderful addition to your garden space and you can even put it as a centrepiece of your pond or fountain. All the parts have been made by skilled craftsmen and will be a value investment to your garden design.

Playful Women Sculptures

Displaying these two life-size stone sculptures of two playful women in the garden is a brilliant idea. Completely hand-carved from natural stone blocks, these statues are finely carved in a lovely style, carving each feature meticulously. The white statues can be customized to suit your preferences for garden statuary. All the parts of the sculptures have been made by skilled sculptors.

Winged Lion Statue

This natural beige marble statue of a winged lion is a symbol of power and unique identity. Entirely hand-carved from natural marble blocks, this statue has been skilfully crafted by brilliant sculptors. It can be customized to fit into your available garden space. Sitting on a pedestal, this animal statue can also be your garden’s centrepiece.

Elephant Stone Sculptures

These two serene elephant marble statues are a brilliant addition to your garden landscape. Sitting on two pretty marble blocks, these animal statues make for a beautiful a unique piece of art. Completely hand-carved from natural marble blocks, the set of elephants can be customized according to your garden landscape. These will create a value investment and beautiful statuary for your garden.

Puppy Marble Statue

If you love dogs, this marble statue of a puppy is for you. Featuring a furry little poodle is completely hand-carved from natural marble blocks. This animal statue can be customized to suit your landscape design impeccably. It has been skilfully carved by skilled sculptors and will add value investment to your garden.

Frequently Asked Questions about Garden Statues and their Answers

Q: Can you display marble and stone sculptures outside?

A: Stone sculptures and marble statues are carved from natural stone blocks and are suitable for permanent outdoor display as they have endured years of pressure and temperatures.

Q: How do you take care of a garden statue?

A: While marble or stone statues are an amazing addition to your garden, you must remember to keep them clean. You can use a few drop of eco-friendly soap to a bucket of water and use either a soft cloth or a scrub brush to remove dirt and stains. Then, softly rinse the soap from the statue and either wipe it dry with a soft cloth or let it air dry.

Q: How do you waterproof your garden statues?

A: You can most definitely waterproof your garden statues. Just brush a waterproof concrete sealer over the surface of a dry ad clean statue. Then, let it dry for over 24 hours and allow the sealant to dry. Once it is dry, you can apply another coat of sealant to fully cover the concrete. You must leave the bottom of the statue unsealed to let the structure breathe.