Marble Tubs

Marble stone is the single most iconic and identifiable building stone for architecture and appliances alike. Its instantly recognizable color patterns may actually be the least of the reasons for marble being so ubiquitous: sure, those marble veins are the universal calling card for natural stone building blocks, so much so that fake materials paint such striations onto their surfaces to achieve a semblance of that same beautiful effect, but there is so much more that makes marble the perfect stone for your hand carved bathtub or sink.

The biggest reasons for marble’s popularity in the hand carved bathtub game are not actually related to its unique visual beauty, but rather to its practical qualities that make it ideal for bathing regardless of your aesthetic or preferred style. Its strong composition and high durability might make it a challenge to transport and install, but once you have it securely placed down in your washroom, it might as well be a permanent fixture as much as a wall or a door! And this same sturdiness also makes it exceedingly easy to clean, and slow to chip or wear. Just don’t use highly abrasive cleaners or acidic chemicals with your marble tub, and it should be fit for use indefinitely!

In addition to being tough and easy to clean, marble has an additional quality that, while possibly less obvious, is arguably the most important trait of all for a bathtub material: it retains heat. Hot water stays hot remarkably long within the protective confines of a marble tub. What is ironic about this is that marble itself does not hold heat well within its own stone: it is the water within that keeps hot, while the marble actually picks up and dumps heat very efficiently, keeping you and your bath warm against the lower temperature of the air in the room around you. A stone that is actually good at holding heat itself would simply become hot and uncomfortable, while your bathwater remains frustratingly lukewarm, cooling down quickly. Luckily, that is far from the case with marble!

Marble stone has another inherent usefulness that sets it apart from other common building stones: it is almost always carved directly from whole marble blocks, resulting in a single solid structure with no seams or gaps. This makes it perfect for vanity bathrooms and vanity designs which seek to combine sinks, countertops, and mirrors. In this way, marble stone is not only ideal for uninterrupted vanity sink designs, but bathtubs made from a similar material will match perfectly with the vanity aesthetic of the rest of your bathroom. This also makes marble stone one of the most customizable materials on the market, as it can be fashioned whole without having to worry about fitting or melding. As it turns out, customizability is the name of the game, which brings us to our final point.

While marble in particular may lend itself well to custom-built designs made to order, it is not necessary for a customized project. It is our prerogative to customize all of your natural stone orders, regardless of the type, placement, function, or size. How do we do this? There is only one acceptable method of delivering perfectly sculpted sinks and bathtubs to your specifications, and that is “the hard way.” We take your individual order and start from scratch, hand-carving a whole stone block of your color and choosing with the skills of an expert sculptor guiding your project to perfect completion. So while the type of stone you select will definitely have a big impact on the quality of the finished project, remember that even the finest marble stone isn’t worth much without the talents of an accomplished stoneworker turning it into something great!

Ultimately, marble bathtubs are some of the most popular around for a variety of good reasons, and marble stone didn’t get to become the primary material for crafting ornate, classically designed washroom appliances for no reason. When you’re investing such an amount of time, money, labor, and talent into so monumental a project as a custom artisan bathtub, you’ll want to know that your investment will yield returns that are both exceptional in quality and everlasting with their durability, and marble stone will provide on both of these fronts, with visuals, performance, and integrity that has been ranked consistently at the top of the game for centuries and counting!