You Must Have These Gorgeous Marble and Stone Fireplace Mantels

Believe it or not, fireplace mantles have something magical about them. While renovating your living room or building a new one, you must browse through stone fireplace mantel ideas as they create a cozy vibe and can become the main focal point of your space. A classic mantel is also a great yet simple way to make a significant change in any space.

With people experimenting with construction materials, there is a huge demand for stone fireplaces, stone fireplace marble and marble fireplace surrounds. From cast limestone to stacked marble, natural materials have evoked a sense of grandeur in homes. Whether you are looking to elevate your farmhouse decor or hoping to create a more modern, minimalist look, here are some of the most gorgeous marble and stone fireplace mantels you can invest right in.

Frequently Asked Questions about Stone and Marble Fireplace Mantel and Answers

Q: Are stone and marble firepalce mantels good?

A: Stone and marble fireplace mantels are extremely good and are a perfect choice for your home. They are sturdy, durable and make a classic style statement.

Q: Can you attach a stone mantel to an existing fireplace?

A: Yes, you can attach a stone mantel to an existing fireplace, although, it would be profitable and less messy to have it installed when you are building your room.

Q: What kind of stone do you use for the fireplace mantel?

A: Marble stone, soapstone, granite stone and limestone are among the best stones that can be used for fireplace mantels.

Q: Which material is best for a fireplace mantel?

A: Stone and granite both are considered best for fireplace mantel and fireplace surround. They are durable and look extremely stylish in any interior space. They both are the best choice to add rustic and modish charm to any interior.