Granite Tubs

Throughout human history, granite has always been a symbol of natural, unyielding strength. Sometimes used interchangeably with bedrock (which can also be made of similarly powerful and useful stones such as limestone or sandstone), granite is associated with mountains, cliffs, the immovable and immortal, and the building blocks of the very foundations of the earth. And since natural stone baths are often seen as peaceful conduits to nature and the spiritual as much as a place to clean your body, granite is the perfect ambassador of the world to your washroom. With its recognizably rugged grit smoothed to a glasslike finish by an expert sculptor, the ideal granite bathtub is glossy and gleaming on the inside, and a rugged, natural piece of the earth on its exterior.

However, granite’s reputation as a material for sinks and bathtubs doesn’t come from its raw beauty alone, and certainly not from nothing at all. Its advantages as a building material for washroom appliances ranges from its visual aesthetic to its very chemical makeup. As a type of bedrock formed and rested under the unthinkable weight of the world itself, granite thrives with heat, and a great conductor. The kind of heat that granite can easily shrug off without a scuff mark is much higher than anything that you would have to worry about while heating your water for a relaxing bath, but the important quality is its conductivity: the granite stone doesn’t hold heat within itself very well, but instead, it dumps the heat into its surroundings. What this results in is a stone bath that isn’t uncomfortably hot, and bathwater that stays hot for a longer time.

Granite bathtubs are also ideal for themed bathrooms, on account of their vivid and consistent colors, and their often-multilayered textures, which provides sub-themes such as interior and exterior, ornamental and practical, wet and dry, and so forth. These distinctive patterns provide unmistakable connections between the tub and the sink, the sink and its counter, and, depending on whether you decide to lean into the vanity style, the tub and the sink-counter vanity combination, which can be carved whole from a single piece of granite stone with no seams or potentially messy melding work.

The dual nature of an interior and exterior theme doesn’t get much more pronounced than with this incredible thick-rimmed granite tub. Playing with the universal twin colors of gold and silver, the tub boasts a dazzling natural stone pattern of warm amber and orange hues on its exterior, representing the rugged rock from which the material was mined, as well as a smooth, glossy silver interior without so much as a single scratch to interrupt the pure silver color so stark and vivid that it resembles a solid version of elemental mercury.

Going in a very different direction is this black-and-white granite bathtub, with its two-tone marbling patterns that cover the entire piece in a consistent, uniform visual theme. For those who prefer a more stable and constant color scheme in their themed washroom, this granite tub and others like it might be preferable to the stark contrast of the gold and silver tub shown above. It also features a prominent ledge that, while not wide enough to place toiletries on, or rest against, still provides a strong lip to the bathtub’s bowl shape and prevents the design from looking visually flat. Finally, it has a ridged base that provides a solid foundation to the heavy granite bowl, harkening back to classic design themes where wide bases of multiple layers lead up to the structure that rests comfortably and safely upon their strong support, regardless of the sculpture’s size or weight.

Regardless of the material your tub is made of, its design, or its size, all of your orders are open to full customization, and are hand-crafted by top-caliber sculptors on a specific project-by-project basis. The only way to deliver results that are worth the time and money needed for these projects is to put in the hard work and immense skill necessary for a hand-carved tub or sink of marble stone, and that is exactly how they are made: with no corners cut, even if the design is rectangular! For more customized marble bathtub, or stone bathtub please contact us by email.