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Granite is formed deep below the surface of the earth, possibly at a depth of 30 miles. The igneous rock is the result of mounting forces and of plate tectonics. The pressure and friction of one plate running over another plate creates a meltdown zone. Molten rock at this depth will be pushed upward toward the earth's surface.

This creates some volcanoes and some granite magma chambers. The volcanoes lava will not make granite because it will cool too quickly. It is in the magma chambers that a slow cool down of melted rock will allow for the development of larger crystals. It is in the magma chambers that the forces of extreme heat, steam, great pressure, and vast amounts of time produce granite.

We have this G603 gray granite in stock, available for G603 gray granite bathtub, fireplaces, sinks, fountains, flowerpot, garden gazebo and tables&benches. All kinds stone carved products are available to custom according to your design and space.You could check the real products in this color


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