Stylish Marble Freestanding Tub for Sale to Raise Aesthetic Quotient of Your Bathroom

Marble has been recognized as a precious material for creating bathing spaces since the ancient times. Marble is beautiful, durable, and strong, perfect to install bathroom furnishing that will last for decades to come. Marble Bathtubs are one of the most stylish and aethestically pleasing furnishing you can install in your bath area. A marble bathtub can add elegance and long-term value to your home.

If you are looking for marble bathtub for sale, you must consider many factors before investing in one. You must learn what design is best suited for your space, how much to spend on it and how to maintain it. In mordern times, marble maintenance has advanced tremedously and it has become quite easy to care for your marble bathroom furnishing amid the constant use.

There are plenty of stunning marble bathtub designs for sale that offer functionality, elegance, and ingenuity to bring a professional spa-like experience to your humble abode. Take your pick!

Lunar Surface Travertine Bathtub

Part of a Moon Surface series, this stunning Lunar Surface bathtub is made from natural travertine marble blocks. This tub can be custome made to fit into your space. The manufacturer offers two types of surface for this marble bathtub one kind has a polished exterior surface and polished interior, which makes an amazing addition to an inside bath space; the other kind has a polished interior and a honed exterior, giving it a natural appeal that can be added in the backyard.

Yellow Natural Stone Marble Tub

This marble bathtub is made from naturally yellow marble called Rainforest. It makes for a stylish inclusion with its elegantly smooth curves. It will make you feel like soaking your worries away in an outdoor space in a jungle. The size and placement of the drain hole of this bathtub can be customized. The Rainforest marble tub has subtle brown line that can add a natural vibe in your bath space. This freestanding tub is available for purchase with customization options.

Freestanding Tub

Made from heavy natural Carrara marble imported from Italy, this freestanding stone tub has been hand-carved. It features a polished interior and exterior surface that will help you relieve your tension at the end of a tiring day at work. The white tub has soft veins running all over the piece, making it more elegant and a soothing item to look at. If you want to spend your own ideas about the shape and size of the design, the maker will customize the tub to suit your requirements.

Italian Stone Tub

The Italian stone tub is a beautiful piece that has been hand-carved from natural Italian Carrara marble. Inspired by an Ocean Swirl, this tub is shaped just like a swirl, which will make you feel like sitting in an ocean swirl. The swirling design of the marble bathtub features delicate lines across it, giving it a natural aethestic that can elevate the design quotient of the entire bath space. Moreover, you can have it made to order with change in the size to suit your design layout.

Mordern Marble Table

Much like Swirl tub, this marble bathtub is made from natural white Carrara marble that will envoke an earthy vibe in your space. Suitably called Earth, this modern marble tub is hand-carved to give it a warm, inviting and soothing feel. You can place your order along with any specific requirements you may want in your tub. Featuring bold gray veins, this freestanding white marble bathtub is an ideal fit for a modern bath space.

Black Marble Tub

A classic design with dual coloring, this black marble bathtub has been carved from natural stone. Shaped as an egg, this marble tub has half chiseled exterior and a polished inside and rim. The black marble makes an excellent gray chiseled surface that has a superbly contrasting texture to the smooth interior. It can be altered as per your requirement. The marble bathtub can elevate the design layout of your bathroom.

Round Marble Bathtub

The round marble bathtub is a perfect addition to a small apartment bathroom. It is a deep and small bathtub, which has been inspired by Japanese soaking tub. Its depth makes it perfect for an immersive bath, which could leave you relaxed. With subtle gray veins, this white tub evokes a nature look. It will take up a small corner in your bathroom and can be custom made in any size or height to suit your design layout and space availability.

Rough Surface Marble Tub

With a rough surface, this marble bathtub is part of Chiseled Surface Stone Bathtub series. It features highly polished interior and rim of the marble bathtub, with a chiseled exterior. It has a rough touch impression and a brilliant gray hue. It will make a perfect fit for modern and mid-century bathrooms. The texture contrast of the interior and exterior surfaces poses gracefully in your bath space.

Chiseled Marble Bathtub

This chiseled marble bathtub is named Black Forest. Carved from black marble, the exterior of the bathtub has gray color, while the interior is black. The change of color is explained as a difference in marble material which could make different surface. This beautiful bathtub could be customized to fit impeccably into any bathroom space.

Black Forest Marble Bathtub

Christened Black Forest, this marble bathtub is made from black marble with white veins. The black tub has a glossy surface after a thorough polish. Carved from a natural marble block, it is an ideal fit for a modern bath space. This oval-shaped bathtub can offer an immersive bath for you to relax in. It can be custom made to suit your design layout and available space.

Vintage Marble Bathtub

With stunning details, this vintage marble bathtub has a surface that is honed but smooth. A vintage-styled stone tub, this piece is a wonderful addition to any bathroom and raise the style bar of your space. It has a classic design with delicate lion sculpture and subtle designs along the outer surface. It can be customized in any shape and size to fit into your bathroom.

White Marble Bathtub

Carved from Chinese Mild White Marble, this beautiful bathtub has a honed surface with a smooth texture. This marble bathtub is a classic vintage style tub that will amplify the aesthetics of your bathroom. It is a simple, yet elegant design that is a perfect fit for a fancy bathroom. The white marble bathtub has subtle gray veins, giving it an aura of being in the nature.

White Marble Bathtub

This marble bathtub is a stunning design that will add character to your bath space. Christened Uranus Stone Bathtub, this marble tub has a surface that is honed but smooth. It is a swirling design with subtle gray veins that elevate the design layout of your bathroom. This freestanding tub can be customized as per your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does a marble bathtub cost?

A: A good marble bathtub can cost between $3,700 and $7,500.

Q: Why should you choose a marble bathtub?

A: A marble bathtub is a great addition to any bath space. As marble material has many alluring qualities such as durability, sturdiness and aesthetical beauty. It can add elegance and character to your bathroom.

Q: Are marble bathtubs good?

A: Marble bathtubs are extremely good. Marble is known as one of the most expensive materials and righteously so. It is beautiful, high-quality and brilliantly durable.

Q: How to clean a marble bathtub without scrubbing?

A: To clean a marble bathtub without scrubbing, you need to heat one-fourth cup of vinegar and pour into a spray bottle. Then, add one-quarter cup liquid dish detergent and shake. It will together to tackle soap scum and dirty tub rings.

All the above-mentioned designs can be customized by the manufacturer. You can have any marble bathtub design custom made according to your requirements. These marble bathtubs will be made by expert craftsmen and will be carved from natural marble from expert marble providers. For more customized black marble tub, white marble bathtub, freestanding stone tub, black marble bathtub, or marble bathtub for sale please contact us by email.