Difference between Rose Quartz Bathtub and a Pink Onyx Bathtub

Quartz is a stone that holds a lot of similarities to granite It is virtually indestructible. Onyx is an elegant, translucent stone that is rare and exclusive in its availability. Onyx can be known to be fragile and require more upkeep,So Rose quartz bathtub is more solid and onyx bathtub is more translucent stone.

What is the value of a Rose Quartz Bathtub?

Rose Quartz Bathtub is highly valuable as it can cost around 1 million US dollars. However, the cost of Onyx Pink Bathtub is far more resonable. It is as rare as quartz, but because the place of origin is located in China, the price of a Pink Onyx Bathtub ranges from 40,000 to 200,000 US dollars.

How rare are Rose Quartz Bathtubs or Pink Onyx bathtubs?

Both Quartz and Onyx are very rare, they are natural, translucent stones. The resource are also limited. Especially if you want to find a big enough block of pure onyx or quartz to carve to a bathtub.

Usually onyx materials have high water absorption which means the onyx is fragile and easily been stained, however, this pink onyx has a lower water absorption compared with the other onyx materials. So it’s good for interior decoration, especially for bathtub which will be used in moist environment. But the surface still needs to be sealed by waterproof coating. Usually we protect the Rose pinks onyx bathtub surface by waxing after brushing 3 layers waterproof coating.

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Rose Quartz Bathtub: Why it’s the most expensive stone bathtub in the world

The possibilities offered by a stone bathroom are many. From the coverings to the washbasin, from the bathtub to the countertops, creating a bathroom in natural stone means giving life to an always up-to-date room. Although many think that stone can only be used in so-called rustic bathrooms, in reality, this material provides the bathroom with a spa allure, capable of making it the stylistic fulcrum of the home.

Are Stone Baths any Good?

Stone is a widely used material in the bathroom furniture sector since it can provide excellent structural qualities while also guaranteeing an aesthetic result of the highest level. This is a relatively expensive material, especially when compared to traditional ceramics. However, a stone tub ensures an incomparable development, giving a unique touch of class to your bathroom.

Another critical characteristic of stone bathtub is the contrast, i.e., the relationship between the inside and the outside. Some models leave this minimal relationship, giving continuity to the internal shape also towards the outside.

The weight of a stone basin can be quite considerable, so structural reinforcement or some precautions before assembly may be required depending on the place of installation. As for the materials, however, you can find a wide range of stones, different in type, mineralogical composition, vein, color, appearance, a reflection of light, and sensation to the touch.

Some models are composed of a single block, for example, of marble, from which the tub is sculpted, and the desired shape is obtained. These products are of the highest quality, as they guarantee a personalized design and high resistance. Alternatively, much cheaper models are made with mixtures of stone and other substances, including various types of resin, mother of pearl, and other binding elements.

You can also find bathtubs made from waste from stone processing on the market, so these products have a solid ecological footprint linked to recycling. However, these models offer excellent durability and resistance; furthermore, they reduce production costs and therefore are decidedly more convenient for the final buyer.

What is a Stone Resin Tub?

Tone Resin Bathtubs are a reasonably modern alternative for a bathtub and are made of a composite that includes stones, minerals, and acrylic materials. These Resin bathtubs are also known as Solid surface bathtubs and have a beautiful natural look and feel.

The Resin stone bathtub can't be compared with a natural stone bathtub although, Stone resin bathtubs are made from genuine stones that are crushed up and then bound by polymer resin and natural minerals, while cast stone bathtubs contain concrete slurry instead of resin.

On the other hand, stone resin baths are aesthetically pleasing, have a reputation of being extremely durable, but they are also a bit more expensive. Similar to cast iron, freestanding copper baths are excellent at retaining heat, allowing you to prolong your relaxing soak.

How much do Crystal Bathtubs cost?

Money, it turns out, can buy you anything, including a massive crystal bathtub. Baldi Home Jewels, an extravagant Italian design firm, developed these extraordinary luxurious baths, which may cost up to $1 million alone.

So, the next time you're considering replacing your tub with a walk-in shower, think about upgrading to a crystal bathtub, such as a rose quartz tub. That is if you are willing to spend $1.1 million on a bespoke crystal masterpiece. On the other hand, a crystal bathtub may cost up to $1.5 million, depending on the design.

Between the materials and the personnel required to carry upwards of 22,000 pounds (10,000 kg) of rock, 1 million euros ($1,114,750.00) makes more sense, and few people can afford a bespoke crystal bathtub for $1 million.

What is the most expensive bathtub?

We've seen a lot of expensive bathtubs in recent years, and we can confirm that there is a bathtub out there for every type of millionaire. For the entertainment seeker, this one features HD TVs and surround sound; jewelry fans will like this gold and crystal-covered design; and, of course, carbon fiber fanatics will adore this one.

There's also this petrified wood bathtub for individuals with vast pockets who want nothing but the rarest and most delicate items in their house. Some of you may be aware that petrified wood is made from trees that have been fossilized in such a way that their shape and structure are preserved before their cells disintegrate completely. Petrified wood is highly uncommon and takes millions of years to form.

Designer Nigel Fenwick created this tub. The tub is called "the Jewel," It was made from a 14-tonne chunk of petrified wood that dates back 180 million years. Its surface is covered in gemstones that have developed throughout its lengthy existence, and some people believe it has medicinal and healing powers.

What do you do with Rose Quartz Crystals?

Rose quartz has been used since 7000 BC, according to legend. Egyptian and Roman ladies also used rose quartz face masks to cleanse their complexions and prevent wrinkles.

Rose quartz is now widely used as jewelry, meditation, and a decorative element in homes and offices.

Rose quartz is a strong healing crystal". "Its delicate, peaceful, almost pastel pale pink color is a good indicator of its most well-known property: pure love. It's a stone that may be used for both offering and receiving love."

Rose quartz is reported to have the following properties:

  1. Resolve issues in relationships
  2. Promoting mutual respect
  3. Instill compassion and goodwill in others. It's also said to improve sensations of:
    1. Peace
    2. Calm
    3. Self-love

Rose quartz is primarily a gemstone of unconditional love that promotes profound heart healing. Once attained, a deeper level of tranquility, serenity, and peace is reached, which leads to total relaxation and emotions of satisfaction and contentment."

Rose quartz is also said to offer physical health advantages, mainly when worn or carried on the body.


Some people believe rose quartz can help with physical health by speeding up healing and improving blood circulation, but there is no scientific proof to back this up.

While there are no known adverse effects from utilizing quartz crystal for healing and meditation, it's crucial to keep in mind that any claims regarding its therapeutic powers are based on anecdotal evidence.

Even so, if the meaning and beauty of rose quartz crystal appeal to you, there's probably no harm in trying it out.