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Written By: Luna Wang
Published: 18th, Sep 2021

Award-Winning Marble Bathtub Design Perfect for Your Home

A self-indulgent marble bathtub is an essential feature to create the perfect spa-like bathroom. The luxurious quality of the marble material makes it a classy and worthy inclusion. It doesn’t matter if you have an all-marble bathroom or a more concrete one – a marble tub can elevate the space and transform it into a next-level relaxing retreat.

Sea Shell Shaped Marble Bathtub

A self-indulgent marble bathtub is an essential feature to create the perfect spa-like bathroom. The luxurious quality of the marble material makes it a classy and worthy inclusion. It doesn’t matter if you have an all-marble bathroom or a more concrete one – a marble tub can elevate the space and transform it into a next-level relaxing retreat.

The exquisite ergonomic lines of the material will always welcome you while offering maximum comfort. Each marble bathtub is not just a work carved in marble but an elegant feature that provides you a leisurely time to unwind and let the stress release out of your body.

But before you go buying a marble tub; be sure to browse some of the best designs to make an informed decision. Here are some of the award-winning marble bathtubs that will be a perfect addition to your home.

Black Marble Oval Tub

This bowl-shaped black marble tub is a compact design that is efficient and durable and ensures the longevity of your design layout. The freestanding tub will be a versatile addition to your bathroom as it will become an art piece as well. Hand-carved from real Nero Marquina marble, the black bathtub features white fluid veins that add vivid color contrast. With a polished surface and smooth marble finish, the tub offers a modern sculptural accessory that will relieve you. It does not clash with your interior décor as black blends with any color palette without being distracting.

Oval Papillon Bathtub

The shape of your bathtub matters just as much as the material. It is an elegantly proportioned marble tub with an increased depth and strong sides. The freestanding papillon limestone bathtub has been meticulously hand-carved and polished to give it a smooth surface. It is not just a bathroom accessory, but an attractive display of the art of sculpture. It has a subtle winged shape that looks absolutely perfect in modern bathroom design and zen-style bathrooms. It can be custom-made to fit your design layout and available space without disrupting the existing interior. It will become an addition to your bathroom and be a conversational piece for sure.

Travertine Stone Bathtub

This handsome beige-colored bathtub is made from durable travertine. It has been carved and polished to give it a smooth perfection, has a smoothly rounded oval shape that allows you a flawlessly relaxing bath. With the rim forming an eclipse and sides slowing gently into a bowl shape, the marble tub becomes a great place for lounging just as a piece of furniture in your home. The smooth coloration and natural patterns of the marble give it an appealing look. It is a durable tub that can elegantly enhance the beauty of your bath space without overlapping the existing design layout.

Red Rose Marble Bathtub

This freestanding marble tub looks like an elegant flower, sitting pretty in a space. Its simple design can pop owing to its powerful color and pattern. This marble bath has a bold natural red hue that makes it stand out in even the most complex layouts. It has creamy burgundy, deep mahogany, calming beige and pure white hues blending together and creating a natural kaleidoscope. The sides of the tub are rigidly straight for structural reliability and the tub has thick rims around the edges. This hand-carved tub is destined to become the centerpiece of your bath space.

Modern Granite Bathtub

Introduce some texture to your bathroom with this modern granite bathtub. This marble tub has a unique take on a traditional design and offers new realms of pleasure. Its grainy texture comes with spotted patterns that seem both earthy and polished clean, simultaneously. It has a curved wing shape with a classic double slipper design that extends upwards on both ends. The tub gives an ideal reclining back and space for you to prop up your feet at the end of a tiring day. The luxurious design offers a hammock-like place to relax and soak your worries away.

Contemporary Black Marble Tub

With a classy design, this contemporary style black marble tub is a unique and distinctive piece. Its one-of-a-kind exterior pattern of ridges vaguely mirrors a muffin liner. Hand-crafted from natural black Nero Marquina marble, the oval shape of the tub tributes the shaper sculptured exterior. The ridged outside strikingly contrasts the smooth inside. The carefully polished marble interior proffers a luxurious bath. The bathtub can be customized to fit into your space without disturbing the current design layout. It will become an aesthetic piece and a relaxing haven in your home.

Rectangular Tub

Hand-carved from natural marble blocks, this contemporary rectangular large black marble tub provides a relaxing bath time that can wash away your stress and relieve your body and mind. This alcove tub can be placed anywhere in the bathroom and is a perfect fit for a contemporary home. It can be custom-made to accommodate any changes you may require to install it in your design layout and available space. It has a sleek, polished interior and exterior that will potentially transform your bathroom into a luxurious spa-like space while inviting conversations from the guests as well.

Freestanding Round Marble Tub

Freestanding Round Marble Tub

This freestanding round marble bathtub is a brilliant addition to any modern contemporary home. It can be made from white Carrara marble, black Nero Marquina marble, green Alpi marble or dark Emperador marble. It comes with a narrow or wide edge with overflow, which gives you a feeling of being immersed in water in a natural setting. The tub has been designed for use in an upright position that ensures high-performance and optimum relaxation. It not only works as a bathroom fixture but emphasizes becoming a decorative feature as well.

Kalypso Marble Bathtub

Kalypso Marble Bathtub

Kalypso bathtub has been hand-carved from a single block of marble, lending it an exquisite quality. It has a soft shape that is enriched by distinct marble veins running all over it. This solid marble tub has been named for the water nymph of Greek mythology and features a honed matte finish. It creates a welcoming embrace for the human body in contact with water and gives an ideal opportunity to unwind after a long, hard day. It makes a powerful visual impact in your space and can blend seamlessly into the existing design layout. The tub can be made to order with tweaks you may require fitting it into your available space.

Egyptian Beige Marble Bathtub

Incorporate this beautiful beige marble bathtub in your bathroom to transform the space into a spa-like haven. It has a variety of stunning elements that are often missing in a typical tub. The tub features a smooth finish, striking marble veins, deep-carved graduations and a unique hourglass shape. It has been carved out of real Egyptian beige marble. The wavy design mirrors both the flow of water and the human form. It lends a gentle feature to your bath space where you can go to relax after a hard-working day. Moreover, you can have it customized if you require some specific changes in this bathtub to accommodate it into your available space and existing design layout.

All of the aforementioned marble bathtub designs can be custom-made by us with any specific requirements that you may want in your bathtub. We source premium-quality material from certified firms, while all the tubs are hand-carved meticulously by skilled craftsmen. If you want to install one of the above-mentioned designs in your home, you can contact us and we will provide a brilliant bathroom feature for you. For more Custom Black Marble Tub, Marble Bathtub, or Stone Bathtub please contact us by Email.

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