Turn Your Bath Space into Luxury Haven with These Marble Tubs

Bathtubs can turn a bad day into a good one instantaneously. You can turn your bath space into a luxury haven to relax in after a tiresome day at work with some brilliantly designed marble tubs. There are many options of marble tubs for sale for you to invest in and dazzle up your bathroom.

The natural stone has a distinct quality that can be a beautiful addition to any bathroom, lending it a luxurious feel. Natural marble tubs often focus on craftsmanship and are usually crafted by master artisans who carve the tub from natural stone blocks.

Stylish and elegant, marble tubs have few limits in shape and customization is possible – meaning, if you don’t find the features you are looking for in a design, you can have them custom made to best fit the style and space of your bathroom. Here are some of the most beautiful marble tubs for sale that you can invest in.

Carved Marble Tub

This freestanding marble tub has been hand-carved from natural marble blocks. Featuring gray, black and white veins, this bathtub is shaped like a half mollusk shell. It creates an amazingly beautiful and expensive design feature in your bath space, giving it a spa-like luxury for you to relax in. This tub can be customized according to your available space and preferred color and shape.

Chiseled Marble Bathtub

This chiseled marble tub has a slightly polished exterior that has been carved from natural stone. Its interior has been highly polished to give it a smooth surface. The chiseled tub has been hand-carved from a natural marble block. It is a standard oval marble bathtub that can be customized to fit your space impeccably without any modifications to your design layout. The manufacturer can also make it in a different color.

Black Marble Tub

A farmhouse design, this black vessel shape marble tub is a mini bathtub for children. However, you can have it custom-made in larger and deeper sizes suited for adults, as well. It is a standard marble bathtub and can sit pretty in a corner or as a centerpiece. Shaped like a canoe, this bathtub will give you a feel like you are taking a bath out in nature. Alongside customization options, you also have color options.

White Marble Tub

This creamy white marble tub is a popular color stone bathtub. It is durable, elegant and its creamy surface can last forever. It works with finesse in modern bathrooms and can make a timeless addition. This rectangular bathtub can be customized to better fit your design layout and has been 100 percent hand-carved from natural stone blocks. The color of the tub can vary depending on your choice.

Antique Marble Bathtub

This moon white natural marble tub has been designed in vintage design. It has a honed surface on the exterior, while the maker offers two choices for the interior – it can be highly polished or honed. But both inside and outside surfaces will look much beautiful with a honed surface. This freestanding tub will add an antique charm to your bathing space. You can either put it near a wall or in the middle of the bathroom for an enhanced design quotient.

Marble Bathtub

With a two-toned exterior, this oval marble tub for sale features a chiseled surround that has been hand-carved from one marble block. This black bathtub has a highly smooth polished interior. It is a classic-style marble tub that adds an elegant and delicate statement to your bathroom design. Carved by skilled artisans, its chiseled exterior gives it a bejeweled look that pairs brilliantly with the plain black interior and part of the exterior.

Chiseled Marble Tub

Available in many material and color options, this bathtub has been hand-carved from a solid marble block. The interior of this marble tub is smooth polished, while the exterior is chiseled. It is a perfect choice if you are looking to create a spa-like atmosphere in your humble abode. This round soaker tub will rinse away all your stress and leave you relaxed and rejuvenated.

Natural Stone Bathtub

This beautiful round marble tub for sale has been hand-carved to give it a natural look. It is part of a chiseled surround bathtub series. It features a light gray exterior posing contrastingly with the dark gray interior. It is a deep and soaking bathtub that will have you relieved in no time. You can place this freestanding tub in a corner of your bathroom or have it placed gracefully in the middle of it.

White Marble Bathtub

A white bathtub carved out of white marble with gray veins is a tub you’d want to flaunt to your guests. The Chinese white marble tub is a bit pricy than its counterparts, but its natural grace will leave you mesmerized. Made in a swirl design, this marble tub is a standard-size product that you can have customized to fit your available space and existing design layout.

Freestanding Marble Tub

Carved from Carrara white marble, this freestanding marble tub is perfect for a large space where you can soak away your stress. Imported from Italy, this marble tub has gentle gray veins all around. You can have this standard-size bathtub customized to better fit your space. Moreover, it has been completely hand-carved from natural marble blocks, which lends it a unique and elegant quality.

Marble Soaker Tub

If you have ever set foot in a bathtub, you know there is nothing like bathing in a plush tub to relieve your muscle tension and soothe your body. This white soaker marble tub for sale feature subtle gray veins and a highly smooth polished surface. Although it comes in a standard size, this marble tub can be custom-made with a honed surface and polished surface. It has been hand-carved 100 percent out of natural marble blocks.

Natural Wood Vein Marble Tub

100 percent hand-made from natural stone blocks, this wood vein marble tub has a natural look as the real wood. It would look as if you have installed a wooden tub in your bath space. It features natural stone with beautiful veins, with no paint or decoration. It is available in standard size and can be customized to fit your space and design layout, so you wouldn’t have to compromise your style.

Onyx Marble Tub

Upscale your style statement with this beautiful green onyx marble tub that will bestow a luxurious look to your bathroom. It has been hand-carved from one natural onyx marble block and polished for an absolute shining surface. This marble tub for sale is available in a standard stone bathtub, but you can have it custom-made in any size and other options to fit into your space.

Marble Tub for Sale

This brown marble tub for sale has been 100 percent hand-carved to give it a shiny polished surface that will beautify your bath space. Made in a standard size, it can be custom-made to fit your bathroom layout and available space. The oval marble tub has subtle brown veins all around it. It will add distinct elegance to your space.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does a marble tub cost?

A: A cultured marble tub can cost between $1,700 and $2,500. The other labor and installation costs can make up about $200 to $300. However, the cost of a marble tub mostly depends on the material and the size of the bathtub.

Q: Are marble tubs good?

A: Marble tubs are one of the most expensive ones on the market and for good reason, too. Marble bathtubs are beautiful, high-quality and durable.

Q: How to maintain a marble bathtub?

A: Marble is one of the porous stones, so you will need to protect it by applying a good sealant. To maintain your marble tub, you would need to clean it frequently, removing stains and etching.

Q: Can you use honed marble in your bathroom?

A: Marble is suitable for most bath spaces. If you are thinking of investing in a honed marble tub for your bathroom, you must maintain it and clean it regularly to keep the stone looking its best.

The manufacturer can have all of the abovementioned designs custom-made in any size and color to fit your space. You can contact them to tell them about your design preferences. For more Customized White Marble Bathtub, Natural Stone Bathtub, or Marble Bathtub you can contact us by email.