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Written By: Emily Perera
Published: 9th, Jan 2023

Top 10 Stone Bathtubs to Beautify Your Bath Space

Looking to add some character to your bathroom? Well, nothing says stylish better than a stunning stone bathtub. Besides, soaking in a nice bathtub at the end of a tiring day is a heavenly feeling, which makes it an important task to choose the right kind of stone tub and the exact spot where you place it.

Contemporary custom gemstone bathtub

Looking to add some character to your bathroom? Well, nothing says stylish better than a stunning stone bathtub. Besides, soaking in a nice bathtub at the end of a tiring day is a heavenly feeling, which makes it an important task to choose the right kind of stone tub and the exact spot where you place it.

While most people choose the lightweight fiberglass tub, a natural stone bathtub can add a distinct vintage and natural vibe to your space. A bit heavier than their counterparts, stone bathtubs are amazingly durable, elegant and increase the style quotient of your bathroom.

Here are some of the most exquisite stone bathtubs that will become an art piece in your bath space and offer you a relaxing haven to unwind at the end of the day.

Green Onyx Pedestal Bathtub

With a stunning texture and mesmerizing colors, this green onyx pedestal bathtub has been carved into a cozy double slipper piece to give you plenty of space to immerse yourself. It features a slightly translucent green onyx that accentuates the delicate yellow-green hue of the natural gemstone material. With the two far ends curving slightly upwards in a wing formation, it gives you a perfect space for you to lean your head back and put your feet up for a relaxing bath.

Freestanding Soaking Stone Tub

This round-shaped freestanding soaking stone bathtub can elevate the design of your bathroom. The smooth exterior is complemented by a highly polished rim and interior. It exhibits the exquisiteness of beige travertine in a distinct way. You can pair this with a wall-mounted faucet or tub filler to make a sanctuary with a whole natural vibe. It has been hand-carved and has subtle patterns on its surface. You can have this bathtub customized to suit your space and lend it a luxurious touch.

Chiseled Soaking Tub

This chiseled stone bathtub can be a fit addition to a country farmhouse bathroom. With a defined grainline on the exterior surface, this round tub complements the polished interior that poses stunningly with the chiseled outside. It has been 100 percent handcrafted by skilled artisans for a stylish look. Furthermore, you can have it custom-made to impeccably blend into your existing design layout and the available space, so it wouldn’t disrupt your interior decor.

Deep Soaking Tub

Incorporate this white marble soaker bathtub in your home to create a classic vibe. It fits any style of bathroom design impeccably and gives an opportunity for an immersive and soothing bath. Its sides are elegantly carved and feature subtle veins on its surface that add character to the interior. This stone bathtub can be included with different themes and color combinations of your home. Moreover, you can have it customized in a suitable shape and size.

Rose Quartz Bathtub

This pink rose quartz bathtub comes with geologic strains and veins, giving an added texture and style to your bath space. The custom design has a rolled rim along the edge and a smooth surface with tender white-pink colors that add visual balance and practical stability. Honed by skilled sculptors, the freestanding stone bathtub can be placed in any spot in your bathroom. It will not only work as a bathroom feature but become a work of art as well.

Contemporary Oval Stone Bathtub

Imagine this luxurious bathtub sitting in your home, where you can soak your stress away after a long, hard day. This bowl-shaped black stone bathtub is compact, efficient and will be a versatile addition to your bathroom. It has been hand carved from the beautiful Nero Marquina marble that features fluid veins of natural white color. Besides, the subtlety of the black and white color palette can fit anywhere in your space without disrupting the existing design.

Black Stone Bathtub

This chiseled design features the best-quality natural marble that has been meticulously hand-carved by skilled artisans. Clad in absolute black color, this stone bathtub has a matte surface inside and a chiseled surface outside. It can be custom-made in any size and shape to fit into your existing design layout and available space. The oval tub can fit in any spot and offer a relaxing bath experience. Besides, you could never go wrong with a black bathtub.

Grey Sandstone Bathtub

Hand-carved from a rare stone material, this grey sandstone bathtub has a premium-quality, polished matte surface. Perfect addition for a modern bathroom, this sleek rectangular tub design can evoke a natural aura in your space while offering you a relaxing spot. It can be custom-made to fit impeccably into your bathroom. This stone bathtub will sit pretty in any contemporary home and elegantly raise the design quotient.

Travertine Stone Bathtub

Place this gorgeous travertine stone bathtub next to a window in your bathroom and enjoy the view as you soak away the stress. Hand-carved from natural stone blocks, this rectangular bathtub will be an elegant addition to your bath space and will serve as a centerpiece. You can have it customized according to your preferences. However, this tub can be placed anywhere in your bathroom without disturbing the existing design layout to proffer a laid-back luxury. It is a perfect addition to any contemporary home.

Carrara Stone Bathtub

Absolutely a stunner, this stone bathtub has been hand-carved out of beautiful Italian Carrara stone blocks. Featuring a white tub material with black veins, this tub can be customized in any size and shape to add more character to your bathroom. It has two stone handles on both sides, giving it a cauldron-like look. The unique design of this tub gives it a vintage vibe that can make an instant style statement while offering a relaxing haven for you to unwind at the end of the day.

White Stone Bathtub

Hand-carved from a natural stone block, this white stone bathtub has a meticulously chiseled surface. It features an eggshell exterior with a polished interior of the tub. The round tub offers plenty of space for you to almost lie down and enjoy your bath. It is even perfect to enjoy with a partner as well. The tub is an elegant addition to any contemporary home and can be custom-made to fit your space. Its design brilliantly captures the essence of the natural material to incorporate a relaxing spa-like element into your bathroom.

Freestanding Oval Bathtub

Freestanding Oval Bathtub

Inspired by neoclassical architecture, this attracting freestanding oval stone bathtub will become a key element in your bathroom design. This charcoal grey tub has sleek look that can fit elegantly in any space in your bathroom and evoke a classy vibe. It is deep enough for a soaking bath for you to unwind at the end of a tiring day. Available in a standard size, it can be custom-made in different colors and materials as per your requirements, but the grey blends impeccably in any interior.

Freestanding Oval Stone Bathtub

Freestanding Oval Stone Bathtub

Available in three intriguing colors of Pietra Leccese – Paglierino, White and Bluish Grey, this stunning stone bathtub has a wavy design. The design was inspired by the strength of the sea with its high waves as the strong wind blows in the Mediterranean. Made from the Lecce stone, the bathtub adds an aesthetic appeal to any interior and becomes an instant art piece. Its swirling design offers a brilliant soaking experience while the soft and sinuous shape highlights the complexity of the void.

Stone Soaking Bathtub with Built-In Seat

This luxury Masha white marble soaker tub is the perfect incorporation to a contemporary bathroom. It offers a relaxing pool-like experience with its unique head-rest design and built-in seat design. The stone bathtub has an ergonomic line that fits perfectly into the human body. The skilled craftsmanship of this bathtub reflects the way of modern lifestyle. It can be customized to suit your space and design layout. You will fall head over heels in love with the appearance and smooth design of this bathtub.

All of the above-mentioned stone bathtub designs can be custom-made by us to offer you a unique bath experience. With premium-quality material, we employ skilled artisans to hand-carve these elegant designs that can enhance the design quotient of your space marvelously. If you have any specific design requirements, you can contact us and we will make the adjustments to fit your design layout and available space so you wouldn’t have to disturb the existing interior design. Happy bathing! For more Customized Natural Stone Bathtub, stone tub please contact us by Email.

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