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In a living room that pairs a few modern elements with traditional pieces, a clean-lined statue marble mantel brings the overall design into a balance. Work with the fireplace statue marble mantel design you have to create semblance in a room. For example, if your tastes are traditional, but your room sports a modern statue marble mantel fireplace, sprinkle a few accessories to match throughout the room. Similarly, pull the colors of the statue marble mantel fireplace into the room’s design. Here, the room’s gray and brown color scheme complements the materials in the statue marble mantel fireplace, and artwork with the same neutrals, as well as red, pulls the entire scheme together. The statue marble mantel and arched firebox opening on this fireplace statue marble mantel perfectly match the color scheme and architecture of this room. The arch shape of the bookshelves is mimicked in the shape of the firebox, which is painted a cream color to stand out against the dark statue marble mantel surround. The carvings in the marble fireplace provide enough detail that a statue marble mantel with a wall hanging above is sufficient decor

-Natural stone statue marble mantels
-High polished surface finish
-100% hand carved statue marble mantel by the natural stone blocks
-creates a stylish,natural look in your room
-Available in any size to suit for your space
-New Home Stone offers many different statue marble mantel designs

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