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This stone bath tub is 2015 NEW HOME STONE New Artwork, hard-wearing stone. What better material for a bath tub or basin that is set to become a permanent and much-loved addition to your home? The bath tub just win the award 2015. a classy boat-shaped bath tub that will launch you into a sea of relaxation. This egg-shaped bath tub puts one in mind of space-bound pod. The white marble bath tub is a more classical, but nonetheless distinctive, rectangular bath tub with curved corners that will be as at home in a traditional, contemporary bathroom interior a great all-round design bath tub that you will not need to change if you decide to redecorate. The bath tub featured are available in freestanding or counter-supported versions according to your needs. A gorgeous stone bathroom collection for luxury bath tub from NEW HOME STONE BATH TUB.

-Natural china white marble bath tub
-Oval type bath tub with nature cutting surface exterior,polished interior.
-Standard Size:65"*31"*23".All bath tubs are available in any size to suit your space
-100% hand carved bath tub from the finest of materials
-Customizable according to your unique designs
-Exquisite quality bath tub for the luxury hotel bathroom
-This white marble is available for fireplace,bathtub,sink,vanity,fountain,gazebo,etc.

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