Dazzle up Your Living Room with Bespoke Stone Fireplace Mantels

Have you ever dreamt about your perfect, dream home with a cozy fireplace that has a beautiful mantel for your holiday cheer to display over? If you have ever had that kind of dream, we have got your back in the bespoke fireplace mantel department. These brilliant fireplaces and mantels add a rustic allure with quaint detail.

A fireplace is a modern luxury that shows off not only a coveted style but is one of the most practical interior design additions to your humble abode.

Whether you have already got a fireplace and are just looking for a mantel to frame the cozy hearth or are building a new fireplace and are seeking a beautiful marble fireplace surround, we have enlisted the most gorgeous fireplace mantels that you can invest in right now.

Frequently Asked Questions About Fireplace Mantels and Answers

Q: What does a fireplace mantel do?

A: A fireplace mantel is traditionally projected over a fire grate to catch the smoke. However, they can be used to display your holiday cheer and photographs over the mantelpiece. They have evolved to include the decorate framework around the fireplace and add an elaborate design.

Q: What kinds of stones are good for fireplace mantels?

A: There are four types of stones that can be used for fireplace mantels, which include marble stone, soapstone, granite stones and limestone.

Q: Should you hire a professional to install your fireplace mantel or do it yourself?

A: While people can install their own fireplace mantels, it is always wise to use the help of a professional to establish the task. A professional can do the task quickly and with precision.

Q: How thick a fireplace mantel should be?

A: A standard fireplace mantel must have a depth of 7 inches, as it allows you plenty of room to accommodate decorative objects on the top of it. But you should keep in mind that the top and the side of the mantel must be the same depth.

Q: How do you secure a mantel to a brick fireplace?

A: You need to locate the studs behind the fireplace material and drive the lag screws through each of those studs. Then, secure the fireplace mantel onto those screws and apply adhesive into the holes. Make sure it is proper in place, and your mantel is done.