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Stone Bathtubs Installation Tips

stone-bathtubs installation tips

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Stone Bathtubs Installation Guide: Many clients told us that they're really in love with fancy Stone bathtubs, but how to install one or where to mount them is one big questions for them.
Here's some Tips about How to Choose a perfect Stone Bathtubs For your bathroom: ( For more details about stone bathtubs installation guide please keep following us on Stone-Tubs.com , We will update our working experience about stone bathtubs Every Day! )
In most bathroom, The Stone bathtub is aligned along one of the longer walls, but there is no rule that says that should be so. If you are creating a bathroom in a spare bedroom, for example, or crave a claw foot stone bathtub, you can choose to have it coming into the room, or sitting in the center of the room.
TIP1 : Mounting the short end of the bathtub against a wall gives you more space, perhaps for a bidet and an extra washstand, but you will probably have to accept a standard-sized shower.
TIP2 Get a plumber's advice on the best place to site the pipes and faucets. The water intake will have to run under the floorboards, But pipes can be hidden inside the shell of the bathtub to come through conventional faucets, or through a floor-standing water inlet.
TIP3 Allow plenty of floor space around the bathtub, so that you can access it from both sides. You also need a spaace of about 32in (800mm)between the bath and washstands
More Tips for install stone bathtubs Please keep following our website , we will update our experience here every day!

-Natural China White Marble Material.
-High polished surface finish.
-100% hand carved from the finest of materials
-Standard Size:68"*31"*23".all stone bathtubs are available in any size to suit your space
-Creates a warm romantic atmosphere for your own space.
-Exceptional quality,suitable for luxury hotels
-Customizable to suit plumbing,room layout and any other considerations
-You can check more stone bathtubs projects here


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