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To enjoy your own private adventure, try the whimsical Beach, Boat and Sailing natural stone bathtubs, we suggest to buy bathtub from the collection of Travertine bathtubs from NEW HOME STONE. when you buy bathtub, Travertine is a magnificent natural stone that has been used since the ancient classic period and created the great architectural masterpieces of Roman times. It now made accessible for use in contemporary homes in the form of superbly designed bathtubs in the luxury collection by NEW HOME STONE. so if you want to buy bathtub this one is the good choice. Travertine possesses a wide range of physical, tactile and chromatic characteristics. The pleasantly oval Sailing bathtub makes use of white travertine, the angular Boat bathtub is in gold travertine, and the circular Beach bathtub is in beige travertine. most people like this material when buy bathtub from us, Be inspired by the timeless physical and aesthetic elements of gorgeous natural stone, bring a travertine Bathtub for your bathroom, Custom the bathtub size 54 inch bathtub for yourself buy bathtub from NEW HOME STONE now

-Natural travertine material.
-Artisan crafted entirely by hand for impeccable quality
-Beige color with naturally-occurring pinholes creates dynamic texture in an easy-to-match shade
-Surface can be polished or unpolished to suit your tastes
-Available in any size to complete the interior design of the bathroom
-Customizable, carved-to-order to ensure a perfect fit
-Luxurious look for the contemporary boutique hotel
-This style is the one we suggest first if you buy bathtub

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