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Green onyx sinks are semi-precious gemstone of quartz variety with an extremely fine crystal formation. green onyx sinks are prized for its translucency, alternating light and dark striations and unique color combinations. The wonderful green onyx sinks are often associated with friendship, and green onyx sinks will bring joy and tranquility. Because of its age, and how it was formed, Green onyx sinks create a bond between us and Mother Earth. the green onyx sinks give us a connection to the Ancients. Green onyx sinks in jewel-like onyx, hand sculpted natural green onyx sinks continue to be extremely popular. The green onyx sinks, with the texture and depth of stone, is a particular favorite. Green onyx sinks sit on the bathroom counter or vanity, instead of being set down into it. The green onyx sinks are also sometimes called counter top sinks. Then green onyx sinks can also be set on a pedestal for a dramatic variation on the pedestal sink. The green onyx sinks features the bottom of the vessel set partly into the counter, while the rim sits a few inches above counter level. Display an artisan crafted green onyx sinks and make your bathroom sing with one of the best art green onyx sinks in the world.

-Natural green onyx sinks
-High polished surface finished
-Standard size 40CM*40CM*20CM. the green onyx sinks are available in any size to suit your space.
-100% hand carved natural green onyx sinks by onyx blocks
-Faucet hole and drain hole cut out according to your design
-Creates a luxurious,natural look in the bathroom
-Matching bathtub available with the natural green onyx sinks
-Exceptional quality green onyx sinks suitable for luxury hotels


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