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The hand wash basin by NEW HOME Design is simply modern and elegant and extremely pleasing to the eye. this hand wash basin is made of a single piece of natural black granite, and the hand wash basin seems to be curved into an organic shape resembling a curled leaf. the hand wash basin natural beauty and simple aesthetic are sure to enhance the calm fluid feeling in any contemporary bathroom. this hand wash basin designed by Luna Wong and brought to life by New Home.The hand wash basin entire concept becomes something lightweight and elegant at the same time. Once you see this fantastic hand wash basin, you already imagine water flowing down freely. At the same time, the amazing idea makes us think about a unique attractive art or a playground that makes us smile. In spite of the artistic dimension, the hand wash basin in the picture proves to have an industrial design, original and well thought. more luxury hand wash basin designs please contact New Home

-Natural black granite hand wash basin
-High polished surface finished
-Wave type design natural black granite hand wash basin
-Standard size 40CM*30CM*8CM. the hand wash basin is available in any size to suit your space.
-100% hand carved natural granite hand wash basin by granite blocks
-Faucet hole and drain hole cut out according to your design
-Creates a luxurious,natural look in the bathroom
-Matching bathtub available with the natural granite hand wash basin
-Exceptional quality black hand wash basin suitable for luxury hotels


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