Beautiful Stone Bathroom Sinks to Amp Up Your Style

There is an aura of elegance and exquisiteness about stone bathroom sinks and marble basins. Stone bathroom sinks are available in a wide variety of shapes, styles, colors, finishes and designs, which can perfectly fit in your space. Crafted by master artisans, the marble sinks for the bathroom boast superior designs and impeccable style that make them entirely one of a kind.

Made from natural materials, these sinks and basins add the ultimate luxury to your bathroom vanity area. Many of these vessels made with natural stone material will have their own unique pattern, infusing the place with a distinct vibe. You can get all these designs at an affordable price and in premium build quality from Stone Tubs. Let's get a closer look.

Antique Marble Sink

Hand-carved from yellow onyx marble, this double sinks antique marble basin is designed to become your stone farmhouse sink. It features two sinks and a highly polished surface finish. It is available in a standard size, but can also be customized in any size to suit your space. The natural honey hue of the bathroom brings out a natural luxury in the bathroom.

Bathroom Vanity Top

This stunning marble top vanity sink is made from black marble or black granite. It has a chiseled, rough exterior and polished interior black basin, with natural blue granite. Available in the standard size of 38cmX38cmX20cm, the granite bathroom vanity top, its faucet hole and drain hole can be customized to suit any space. There is also a matching bathtub available.

Countertop Sink

A wall mounted marble sink is a perfect addition to a modern bathroom layout. Made from white marble, this sink is hand-carved into a square shape. Simple and stylish, it fits all kinds of bathroom designs. This modern countertop white marble basin is hard-wearing and stain-resistant. The natural matte exterior is easy to clean and creates a luxurious and natural look.

Designer Bathroom Sink

Designer bathroom sinks are an amazing idea as they make a brilliant style statement. This natural travertine designer bathroom sink has a honed surface finish with the natural texture intact. It adds luxurious design touch and can be customized to suit your bathroom space. It has been hand carved from natural travertine blocks. There is also a matching travertine designer bathtub available.

Double Sink Vanities

The stunner double sink vanities are designed by New Home Stone Company to help you design your space with contemporary accessories and accents. The double sinks along with their compact additions such as integrated drainers offer quite a practicality. Made from natural black granite blocks, the sinks are a polished interior and a natural rough exterior.

Double Stone Sinks

Inspired by the natural material’s aesthetic featuring imperfect and impermanent, the double stone sinks are created from a natural boulder using minimum carving. The stone sink bowls are made from natural sandstone and have natural mountain water veins. Polished to give them a smooth finish, the natural landscape pattern of the sinks adds a rustic charm to your bathroom interior design.

Farm Sink

This stone farmhouse sink looks appealing and genuine. Made from natural white marble farm sink has a raw beauty that creates a unique style aura in a minimalist interior. It has a highly polished surface finish and comes in customizable options to fit any space. Carved from natural marble, the faucet hole drain hole can be cut out as per your requirements for this marble top vanity sink.

Lavatory Sink

Add surprise and delight to your bath space with this lavatory sink. It has a smooth clean surface, which makes a profound style statement. Hand-carved from a natural black granite block, this sink is suitable for American, European, and farmhouse design layouts. The natural granite sink is customized and can be modified to accommodate any design. The designers also offer a matching bathtub.

Marble Sink

Marble sinks for bathrooms have become essential for your space. They are definitive piece of décor to add style and a fresh look. Made from naturally yellow onxy marble, this vanity marble sink can invoke a decorative element in your bathroom. The surface of the sink is highly polished and can be customized as per the customer's needs. They add a fresh and modern finish to your bathroom.

Vanity Sink

The marble top vanity sink is made from white marble with a highly polished surface finish. It is an elegant vanity basin featuring a veritable architectural design for a sophisticated and elegant bathroom vibe. The sink adds a chic charm and is available in standard size with customizable options. Completely hand-curved from marble blocks, the sink has an exceptional design quality.

Frequently Asked Questions about Stone Sinks and Answers

Q: Are Marble and Stone Sinks durable?

A: Stone and marble sinks are extremely durable as the natural material has spent years under immense pressure. Marble and stone are unaffected by powerful natural agents such as high or low temperatures, humidity, pests, and rust. Once the stone is properly polished and sealed, the material can last for hundreds of years.

Q: Are stone sinks any good?

A: Yes, stone sinks are quite impressive when it comes to interior design. They are strong and durable, with impeccable style and finish. Stone sinks are not vulnerable to anything including dents and rust.

Q: Do marble sinks stain?

A: Although an amazing material, marble or stone is not totally stain-proof, however, sealant can certainly help. You can seal your marble pieces to repel staining agents and corrosion. When the surface is protected with sealant, it prevents any liquid from seeping into the marble.

Q: Are stone sinks easy to clean?

A: Stone sinks are quite easy to clean. But you must consider sealing and reseal the material regularly to keep it well maintained and without any stains.

Q: Which marble is best for the bathroom?

A: Marble has been used in bathrooms for millennia; the Romans have most of their public baths made from marble or other natural stone. White marble is brilliant material for bathrooms as this beautiful stone is water-resistant and adds an elegant and luxurious feel to any space.

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