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This marble sinks are an updated round with great modernist appeal. The uniquely shaped marble sinks come in natural black marble. Each marble sinks are carved from a single block of stone quarried from hillsides where the rock has formed over eons. This means each marble sinks block has its own character, with infinite variation in its crystalline structure. The marble sinks differences are evident in distinctive veining, mineral inclusions, minor pitting or areas of deeper coloration. The marble sinks coloration and features of each block of stone will vary one to another. These marble sinks are the features that create the beauty and value of natural stone. New Home has many designs of marble sinks,contact for more information now.

-Natural black marble sinks
-Polished surface finished interior, natural rough exterior
-Standard size 38CM*38CM*10CM. the marble sinks are available in any size to suit your space.
-100% hand carved natural black marble sinks by marble blocks
-Faucet hole and drain hole cut out according to your design
-Creates a luxurious,natural look in the bathroom
-Matching bathtub available with the natural black marble sinks
-Exceptional quality black marble sinks suitable for luxury hotels


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