Rock Your Bathroom Design With These Stunning Stone Bathtubs

There is no other feeling like soaking and relaxing in a nice bathtub after a long, hard day. However, what type of bathtub you choose and where you choose it from is of absolute importance. Although you can always go for the lightweight fiberglass-made tub, a natural stone bathtub is actually a more superior and chic choice.

One might wonder why they should choose a stone tub over an acrylic one, which is light and inexpensive, right? Well, here is the answer – stone or marble baths retain heat up to ten times than that of an acrylic model and they are durable. Besides, they are elegant and increase the appeal and interior style quotient of your bath space.

Here are some of the super luxurious and absolutely beautiful bathtubs – be it stone tubs, marble tubs or onyx marble baths – which you can procure from Stone Tubs and raise the design bar of your bathroom.

Extra Large Bathtub

This big tub is hand crafted stone carved bathtub. Featuring a chiseled exterior and polished interior and rim stone vessels, this stone tub can be customized as per your bathroom needs. Made from natural granite, this absolute black luxury tub is 100 percent hand carved. Its interior surface is polished to perfection while the rugged and naturalistic exterior adds an exceptional quality.

American Standard Tub

Imagine a luxurious, white marble tub in your bathroom to greet you at the end of a tiring day! Sounds tempting, right? This natural white marble American standard tub has gray veins, highly polished surface finish, gentle curves and elegant design that will become the centerpiece of your bath space. This stylish freestanding tub is customizable in any size to suit your space.

Marble Bathtub

The New Home Stone Company customizes stunning stone bathtubs for your bathroom. It can be made according to your size and style to complement your bathroom design. This stone bathtub is unique and magnificent with its natural white marble and gray veins. It features a sharply polished finish with an oval style 100 percent hand carved from natural stone blocks.

Beautiful Stone Bathtub

This is one hot product with highly polished interior and chiseled exterior black marble bathtub. It is a hand carved bathtub from the finest of materials and displays perfectly polished interior with rugged, naturalistic exterior. The exterior is designed with two styles – a chiseled half paired contrastingly against a smooth finish. It adds an exceptional design quotient to your bathroom and is customizable to suit plumbing and design layout of your space.

Clawfoot Stone Bathtub

A clawfoot bathtub screams elegance and style! This clawfoot stone tub is designed with a spa-inspired panache to offer you an immersive and relaxing bath to soak away the cares of the day. This chic freestanding model has clean, contemporary curves with beautifully carved lions on the side. It has ornate lines and a sturdy, square shape that evokes a Roman romance. Fall in love with this gorgeous tub made from natural yellow limestone material.

Deep Marble Bathtub

A perfect addition to a grand bathroom layout, this green marble, hand carved stone bathtub is extra deep for a fully-enveloping bath time. The square shaped marble bath is highly polished to give a smooth, shining surface. Made from natural green marble, the stone tub is hand carved and is available in any size to suit your bathroom design while incorporating an exquisite quality.

Elegant Stone Tub

A beauty, this elegant moon white marble tub features double ended pedestal tub with highly smooth polished surface that will gleam to illuminate your space. Made from natural white carrara marble material, this tub is hand carved and comes in standard size of 68”x31”x23”. You can have it customized in any size to complement your bath space.

Oval Bathtub

Take a gander of this stunning freestanding oval bathtub. This bath is stain resistant and is made from natural sandstone material. Its honed surface finish is absolutely stunning. The hand carved stone bathtub is available in any size to meet your requirements. It lends an aesthetic quality to your bath space with its simple design, marked by natural lines.

Round Bathtub

This round rim pedestal oval bathtub has a subtle contemporary styling design. Hand carved from yellow marble, this freestanding bathtub is highly polished to offer a gleaming surface. The natural beige marble material and round rim bathtub customizable to suit your bathroom layout. Available in the standard size of 68”x31”x23”, this round marble tub creates a luxurious design accent.

Soaker Tub

Wouldn’t it be amazing to have this modern brown granite soaker tub in your bath space? This elegant tub has a chiseled exterior with a smoothly polished interior. This one is a popular choice; moreover, the makers also offer a matching sink for your bathroom. Its rectangle design with white veins makes it a simple yet elegant option, with customizable offers. Get it for your home and raise the style bar of your bathroom.

You can get all these amazing tubs easily and at affordable price range from Stone tubs, the premium manufacturer of hand-craved natural stone products.

Q: Are stone bathtubs good?

A: The stone bathtubs are extremely good and can be a good addition to your home. They are strong, durable, stain- and scratch-resistance and heat-resistant.

Q: What is the insulation capacity of stone baths?

A: The stone baths are quite efficient when it comes to insulation capacity and allow you to remain in the water for longer time without heating up the material.

Q: How to clean a stone bathtub?

A: To clean a stone tub, you take a clean, damp cloth and a mild abrasive cream cleanser. Rub it over the blotchy area in small circular motions and repeat. Once the tub is covered, rinse it with clean water.

Q: How to repair scratches on a stone tub?

A: You can easily repair minor scratches in a material like stone. Wet the bath, take a sponge scourer and lightly run the surface, rubbing in a direct line over the graze. Keep lightly rubbing until the area is smooth again, then rinse.

Q: Why do I choose a stone bath?

A: A stone bathtub is absolutely luxurious. They make a style statement as the centerpiece in any bathroom. They combine modern and natural elements, offering longevity of style in the design layout of your bath space.

For more Customized Marble Bathtub, or Carved Stone Bathtub please contact us by email.

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