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We love this natural High polished carved stone Freestanding Marble bathtub from NEW HOME STONE because it is very original, hand carved, luxury and it is also very trendy now. Carving it from a natural granite boulder will sure make each carved stone bathtub unique. This granite carved stone bathtub makes a 'massive' presence, and at the same time it combines the elegant simplicity of Japanese style with contemporary design. You won't get this impression from a man-made cement or cast carved stone bathtub. Each carved stone bathtub is hand carved using hammer and chisel. This gives it the individual character of the rock and leaves the imprint of the stonecutter's soul. In today's world, such timeless piece of hand carved granite can bring a feeling of eternity to your home. NEW HOME STONE also produces hand crafted the matching sinks for your bathroom and rock statues in traditional simple designs for your garden.

-Natural beige marble carved stone bathtub
-High polished surface finished
-100% hand carved stone bathtub from the finest of materials
-Creates a luxurious,natural look freestanding carved stone bathtub in the bathroom.
-Exquisite quality freestanding carved stone bathtub for the luxury hotel bathroom
-Customizable to suit plumbing,room layout and any other considerations.
-We focus on natural marble/granite carved stone bathtub design and production all the time,welcome to send us your any ideas and designs

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