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Orange Marble Stone Bathtub

This bathtub in the photo is orange color marble carved stone bathtub. Orange color is pretty rare. We made it for one of our clients from French. According to his bathroom design idea, he need a bright color stone bathtub, and he doesn't like white color bathtub.
We have made many plan and design for his bathroom background. It's a new challenge for our company. But New Home Stone LTD. has the spirit to accept all challenge about stone bathtub! Our sculptors goes to many mines. Finannly we found a bright color orange color stone block!!
Do you know what it looks like when we found the block? Its a grey color raw block! people can't see what is inside! but our sculptor is one of the best specilist. He told us he is pretty sure that inside the raw block ,there is a amazing bright orange color stone bathtub waiting for us to carve!
It is a pretty exaciting story, until now we could vivld remember how we decide to open the raw material and carved a orange bathtub from that rock!
Anyway , we made it. as usual, We customize stone bathtub for clients. no matter color, size or shape!

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