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This bathroom renovation way is by beautiful and timeless Carrara marble finish featuring a web of grey veins, these stone Bathtubs are sculptural beauty and elegance. The bathroom renovation of the bathtub has subtle contemporary styling. Organic free flowing lines bring a sense of motion, this term of bathroom renovation like wind blowing through a field. The wide oval Infiniti Pedestal rises gracefully from the floor, and complements the beauty of the natural stone Bathtub bathroom renovation. The large basin features tall straight walls that drop straight to the floor and commands a strong presence in ths bathroom renovation. The soft forms transform hard white stone into a light sculptural work of art. Transforming any bathroom into a serene and relaxing environment, the NEW HOME STONE Bathtub and the Infiniti Pedestal bring simple beauty stone bathtub through sculptural forms and more bathroom renovation way

-One of a kind freestanding oval bathtub for your bathroom renovation
-Natural white carrara marble bathroom renovation
-100% hand carving for an artisan quality design
-Sleek, highly polished finish with natural shine
-Crafted to order to any size specifications
-Customizable according to your unique bathroom renovation designs
-Exquisite quality for the luxury hotel bathroom renovation
-Several stylish colors available,and available for fireplace,fountain,gazebo,sink and vanity tops,etc.

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