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Written By: Nathan Rohan
Published: 29th, Oct 2022

2021 Best marble fireplaces design ideas

There is nothing quite like the smell and warmth of a crackling fire on those freezing winter nights. Therefore, it is essential to pick the right kind of fireplace mantel for your home.

Corner Fireplace Mantel

There is nothing quite like the smell and warmth of a crackling fire on those freezing winter nights. Therefore, it is essential to pick the right kind of fireplace mantel for your home. This white stone fireplace mantel can be fitted in corners flawlessly and sits elegantly in the middle of the room as well. It can be made to order and suit your design. The mantel is hand-carved from natural stone blocks and will raise the style quotient.

Victorian Style Fireplace Mantel

There are some things that are sure to never get outdated and Victorian architecture and design is one of them. This beige marble fireplace surround is completely hand-carved from natural stone blocks. It is a custom fireplace mantel that features Victorian-style flowers and sculptures on it. It has a highly polished surface to add an elegant style to your home.

White Stone Fireplace Mantel

This white stone fireplace mantel is an absolute beauty and will add a regal element to your living space. It features stone Roman columns and angel sculptures that elegantly style your home. It has been completely hand-carved from white marble and given a smoothly polished surface finish. Moreover, the manufacturers offer many different discounts on this fireplace mantel and can be customized to suit your design layout.

Beige Marble Fireplace Mantel

Owning a customized bespoke fireplace mantel makes a distinct style statement. Featuring a classical complex carved design, this marble mantel is simple yet elegant and becomes a centerpiece of your living space. Hand-carved from natural beige marble, it is finely polished to offer a shiny smooth finish and features tasteful female sculptures in the sides. It is available in any size to fit ideally in your living room.

Yellow Fireplace Mantel

Install this stunning fireplace hearthstone in your living room and it will always make you feel a magical presence. It is one of the most popular designs for architects and interior designers. This marble mantel is a good insulator, heat reflective and fire-resistant and looks absolutely impressive. It is hand-carved from the natural yellow stone blocks and can be made in any size to accommodate your design layout.

Stone Fireplace Mantel

This stone fireplace mantel is entirely hand-carved from natural beige stone blocks. It is highly honed and polished smooth to create a stylish and natural look in your room. It can be customized to any size to fit into your space flawlessly. It features claw-foot-like pillars and creates a beautiful arch with floral designs.

Onyx Fireplace Mantel

This strikingly sculptural and sleek fireplace sits in a tastefully transitional tone that brilliantly complements a combination of contemporary and modern design. Made from the natural yellow onyx, this marble fireplace surround is highly polished for a shiny smooth finish. It is hand-carved and can be customized in any size to suit your available space.

Modern Fireplace Mantel

A stone fireplace mantel with a modern sleek design, this product makes a dramatic statement in your humble abode. It stands out in the entire design layout and adds a level of sophistication as well. Made of natural white marble, this modern fireplace mantel is completely hand-carved and features a meticulously polished surface. This fireplace mantel is available for customization to fit your design layout.

Bespoke Fireplace Mantel

This bespoke fireplace mantel incorporates an exquisite quality into any room it is placed in. This beauty can be installed in the living room, master bedroom or anywhere else in the house. There is a beautiful design carved onto the columns and sides of the fireplace mantel that adds a subtle elegance. It has been completely hand-carved from natural white marble blocks. Moreover, it can be customized to suit your space availability.

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