Gorgeous Stone Sinks for Your Kitchen and Bathroom

Looking for a stone bathroom or kitchen sink for your humble abode? Well, look no further. There is a wide variety of different types of natural materials and colors that can elevate your design statement. Already a classic countertop, backsplash and flooring material, stone has taken over the role of sinks as well. The characteristics of strength and beauty make stone a wonderful material for sinks.

Stone kitchen sinks and stone vessel sinks are amazingly beautiful and extremely durable. With either a rough-cut rustic finish or a carved design, stone sinks exhibit a unique old-world farmhouse charm along with a sleek modern look. Here are some of the most beautiful stone sinks for your bathroom and kitchen.

Stone Vanity for Bathroom

It is a luxurious vanity for the bathroom that can enhance the aesthetic beauty of your space. This vanity bathroom is a high-quality addition, which is made of natural blue granite with a smoothly polished interior and a rough exterior. It is available in a standard size, with customization options available. This vanity has a matching bathtub and bestows a brilliant quality to your bath space.

Frequently Asked Questions about Stone Sinks and Answers

Q: Are kitchen and bathroom sink the same?

A: There is a bit of difference between a bathroom sink and a kitchen sink. A bathroom sink has fewer parts than a kitchen sink. However, with proper plumbing, you can use the same sink for your bathroom and your kitchen.

Q: Are stone sinks good for the kitchen?

A: Stone and marble sinks have become immensely popular over time. They have dominated much of the modern kitchen space, including the countertops, backsplash and flooring. Stone sinks are sturdy and durable and a great option for your kitchen.

Q: Can a kitchen sink be used in a bathroom?

A: You can use a kitchen sink in a bathroom, but you should match the water output with the bowl catching the water. If the bowl is too small, it could result in flooding and water damage as it leaks.

Q: Are stone and marble sinks durable?

A: The stone and marble sinks are extremely strong and durable. These natural materials have spent years under immense pressure and are mostly unscathed by elemental forces such as temperatures, humidity and more.

Q: How to keep a stone sink clean?

A: You can keep your stone sink neat and clean by using a soft cloth, sponge or soapy nylon brush. You can rub over the sink with one of the aforementioned materials, rinse the sink well after cleaning and pat it dry.