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Written By: Megha Sharma
Published: 16th, Nov 2022

Best 26 onyx bathtubs to glam up your bathroom miraculously

Want to add extraordinary glam with natural elements in your bathroom? Besides greenery, you can consider natural onyx gemstone bathtubs to add an opulent and glamorous touch to your powder room.

Want to add extraordinary glam with natural elements in your bathroom? Besides greenery, you can consider natural onyx gemstone bathtubs to add an opulent and glamorous touch to your powder room. The translucent onyx tubs are perfect to add strong texture, as well as natural essence to your bathroom.

However, you need to find the best design that fits your bathroom aesthetically and practically - without the need of refurbishing your flooring and walls. If you’re out of ideas, check out our selected 26 exquisite onyx gemstone bathtubs to make your bathroom appear more stylish.

Without further ado, let’s enjoy the following designs and feel inspired!

1. Crystal and Gemstone Bath Sculpture

Crystal and Gemstone Bath Sculpture

Created by Dutch sculptor Jan-Carel Koster, this three-person crystal and gemstone bath sculpture is crafted from around 18,000 kg block of Labradorite that was formed naturally billions of years ago. When you see it in natural light or artificial light, you can notice the flashes of green, blue, orange, and yellow hues with the diffraction of light.

The major highlight of this bath sculpture is that it appears as if it’s a naturally formed rock and not a creatively carved bathtub. It is the perfect piece for those who want to keep everything raw and natural in their bathroom.

2. Pink Onyx Stone Bathtub

Pink Onyx Stone Bathtub

This opulent Pink Onyx stone tub by Baldi is truly a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. The royal touch is added to its irregular but polished body with a golden faucet. This stunning pink onyx tub is carved from a single piece of rose quartz crystal that was found in the Amazonian rainforest.

When you soak yourself in this stunning bathtub, you’re likely to soothe all your stresses and nervousness. Moreover, it will add instant extravagance to the space where it is added. So, you need to make sure that your bathroom interior is as grand as this striking bathtub.

3. Green Malachite Gemstone Bathtub

Green Malachite Gemstone Bathtub

Hand sculpted and hand polished from a gorgeous green malachite gemstone block, this bathtub is another opulent piece to enhance the visual appeal of your luxury bathroom. Being an eye-catching gemstone installation, this stunning design of the tub is enhanced even more with the golden claws. It seems as if this tub has come out from a royal palace.

Both the interior and exterior of the tub are highly polished to enhance the natural texture of the gemstone material. Due to its natural surface, it has a subtly earthy essence that false gemstone and other imposter materials cannot replicate.

4. Subtle Onyx Bathtub

Subtle Onyx Bathtub

If you are not a big fan of bold and vibrant colours, you can choose this subtle white and yellow onyx and marble bathtub. This stone tub is designed to have a modern feel into any stylish bathroom interior, making it a versatile masterpiece for an elegant bathroom. You can even get it customized as per the available space in your bathroom.

Modern homeowners and country-style lovers will love to add this organic-looking tub into their relaxing bathroom. After all, it’s a simple yet stunning design to provide sanctuary-effect and ‘wow’ factor into your bathroom interior.

5. Wood-like Natural Stone Tub

Wood-like Natural Stone Tub

This is another gorgeous bathtub made out of onyx in a brownish hue. Since it is made from a stone that mimics a natural wood-like appearance, it seems as if this tub is made from a large piece of wood. But the truth is that this freestanding tub is the result of a stunning natural stone.

Its unique handcrafted irregular surface is hand-polished to make it appear like a modern artwork. Since it is carved out of a single block of natural stone, it can be customised easily as per your desire shape and size. No matter what shape or design you choose for it, it will draw the eye every time you enter your bathroom.

6. Luxury Amethyst Bathtub

Luxury Amethyst Bathtub

Isn’t it impressive? The gold filigree legs add a regal touch to this purple bathtub that’s made from natural amethyst stone. Baldi of Florence, Italy, has created this good-looking bathtub from natural stone and further accented it with 24 karat gold plated legs. That makes it a really expensive bathtub.

It is perfect to add a dramatic and opulent feel to a grand bathroom interior. You can even get the matching amethyst lotion dispenser, tumbler, and soap dish to complete the exquisite bathroom interior. With such a masterpiece in your powder room, you’d surely not want to step out of your tub the entire day.

7. Backlit Onyx Bathtub

Backlit Onyx Bathtub

Want to create your own spa at home? Consider such a stunning onyx bathtub in an irregular shape. Since onyx is a translucent material, it perfectly reflects light through its surface. When backlit with blue or any other coloured light, it will add a magical effect to your bathroom.

Due to the illuminated surface, you can easily witness natural bands and veins on the precious material. All these features are highly appreciated in a luxury interior. When back-lit, the colours of the onyx bathtub are enhanced while creating a magical atmosphere. Furthermore, add more soothing furnishing and bathing accessories for a relaxing vibe.

8. Irregular Onyx Bathtub

Irregular Onyx Bathtub

This is another irregular onyx bath with subtle coloured tones on its grey surface. Both the interior and exterior are highly polished to highlight the natural effects of the stone. Plus, it is designed in the shape of an irregular tub so that it appears like a naturally formed stone - not something that’s crafted purposely.

With the increasing popularity of onyx and gemstone in bathroom decor, many of you may be thinking of installing them in your bathroom. By adding a stone bathtub, it is easier to make your bathroom appear more luxe, organic, and relaxing at the same time.

9. Luxury Rose Quartz Bathtub

This beautiful rose quartz bathtub has a clear and smooth surface with subtle white and pink designs. The luxury aesthetic and comforting design of this tub are precisely hand-sculpted by expert sculptors into flawless visual beauty.

The surface of this pink rose quartz boasts heavy geologic veins and strains for added texture and style. It can even be custom-designed into any shape and design for added practical stability and visual balance in your washroom.

This freestanding stone tub is easy to place anywhere without any regard to stifling plumbing restrictions or wall proximity. It is a true work of art, besides being a stunning bathroom appliance.

10. Custom Gemstone Bathtub

This green onyx bathtub has a magnificent texture along with shimmering colours on its surface. The parallel bands on its surface are popularly characteristic of onyx, highlighting the delicate yellow-green hue of the natural material. Hence, it offers a subtle essence to the overall design. This natural touch is hard to imitate by any false gems and other imposter materials.

Carved into a comfy double slipper design, with two ends curving upwards, making it an ideal piece for putting your feet up while relaxing your head back during a hot bath after a long day at work.

11. Green Onyx Marble Stone Bathtub

Green Onyx Marble Stone Bathtub

Crafted from a big block of Green Onyx Marble Stone, this stunning onxy tub in a square shape is a great choice for modern bathrooms, all thanks to its design. One end of this tub has a slanting end to make you relax calmly while enjoying your hot bath. For more customized onxy tub or onxy bath please contact us by email.

It can be paired with a matching stone stool to keep your bathing accessories or a cute planter to add a more natural feel to your washroom. This bathtub will look amazing in a grey, white, or green-themed bathroom - as per your preference. For more customized onxy tub please contact us by message.

12. Lapis Lazuli Blue Natural Stone Bathtub

Lapis Lazuli Blue Natural Stone Bathtub

This handmade gemstone Lapis Lazuli Blue Natural Stone bathtub is a great addition for relaxing after a long day. Each piece is hand-polished and well-sealed with epoxy resin. The resulting piece is perfect to give an elegant touch and dramatic feel to the bathroom.

Carved into a comfortable double slipper structure, this oval blue onyx tub is comforting to ease your head back and making your body feel relaxing during a hot bath. This unique bathtub design is great for a vibrant or subtle bathroom interior that needs bright contrast.

13. Bespoke Malachite Bathtub

Bespoke Malachite Bathtub

This glorious bespoke malachite bathtub in oval design takes exceptional design and craftsmanship to another level. One end of this tub is more heightened and slightly slanting than the other end. It is done to ensure that the user relaxes in the tub very comfortably.

This statement bathtub is made even more stunning with the golden claw feet that look amazing with this royal green colour. If you’re something you love to add beauty even to your bathing area, this stylish design piece is a great choice for you.

14. Green Irregular Onyx Bathtub

Green Irregular Onyx Bathtub

This translucent green onyx bath beautifully exhibits the natural shade of the hued onyx, creating a rhythmic pattern of lights. For making the entire tub pop, it is integrated with LED light panels to make this translucent onyx appear to be glowing naturally.

Carved with a single stone piece, this irregularly shaped tub seems to be cut from a mountain. It can be beautifully custom-designed to blend with the architectural specifications of each client.

15. Pinkish Onyx Tub

Pinkish Onyx Tub

Taking inspiration from a stunning block of pink marble, this stunning onyx tub in irregular design is perfect for a bathroom with an antique look. Besides its smooth, comfy interior, the tub also includes a small area to keep your bathroom accessories near you.

If you want to elevate your bathroom decor, this unique bathtub is a perfect addition. Its elegant marble patterns and exquisite shape are likely to add unmatched character to any washroom. Aside from its pleasing appearance, its polished surface will draw the eye of every bathroom user.

16. Grey Bubble Onyx Bathtub

Grey Bubble Onyx Bathtub

This solid block of grey bubble onyx bathtub is another great piece for relaxing in hot water. The circular-shaped freestanding bathtub exhibits fine craftsmanship and boasts clean lines that are ideal for adding some texture and elegance to your bathroom.

It seems to be a great addition to any modern bathroom with a subtle interior with earthy elements. Its circular design is big enough to enjoy a comforting bathing experience or relaxing comfortably for a while on backrests. It is surely a great example of form and function.

17. White Quartz Golden Sparkle Bathtub

White Quartz Golden Sparkle Bathtub

This exclusive freestanding vintage-style white quartz golden sparkle gemstone bathtub is made by expert sculptors. All the sides of this mesmerizing bathtub are finished with gold plated brass claw foot, adding regal charm to the overall design.

Uncompromised quality crafted with the use of finest and pure quality gemstone makes this tub stand out from standard tubs. Its heritage vintage appearance makes your washroom a luxurious spa retreat.

18. Amethyst Gemstone Freestanding Bathtub

Amethyst Gemstone Freestanding Bathtub

Made from stunning amethyst gemstone, this exclusive freestanding vintage style is a true masterpiece. All sides are perfectly balanced by the gold-plated brass claw feet. The entire tub is expertly handcrafted using the purest amethyst semi-precious gemstone.

This gorgeous tub is sculpted so intricately that doesn’t show any joints, marks, and lines on the body. Plus, it has black patterns that appear like veins and are likely to go well with any bathroom style.

19. Semi-precious Stone Yellow Quartz Bath Tub

Semi-precious Stone Yellow Quartz Bath Tub

It is a semi-precious gemstone yellow quartz bathtub that’s designed with exclusive craftsmanship. It is handcrafted by expert sculptors to provide an attractive look to modern bathrooms with such a luxury bathtub.

The maker has hollowed a single stone block to give this classy bathtub shape. If you care for opulence, you can go for this outstanding tub. It will be eye-catching in both natural light and artificial light. For more Customized Onxy Bathtub please contact us by email.

20. Rectangular Rose Quartz Bathtub

Rectangular Rose Quartz Bathtub

Quarried from Norcross-Madagascar, natural rose quartz is used to make its contemporary rectangular bathtub. It will look great in all-white or any neutral-themed bathroom interior. Plus, it will add a slight touch of femininity and elegance to the bathroom due to its natural pink colour.

It is hand-carved into a pink bathtub with white patterns that would match a white bathroom interior. With the right plumbing fixtures and bathing accessories, it will appear no less than a luxe spa - that too within the comfort of your home.

For those who want a subtle yet aesthetic bathtub for their bathroom, this is a great piece indeed.

21. Customized Luxurious Crystal Rosa Quartz Green Marble Stone Tub

Customized Luxurious Crystal Rosa Quartz Green Marble Stone Tub

This is a customized luxurious crystal rosa quartz green marble stone tub with unique natural stone patterns on its surface. It is a statement piece for people looking forward to recharging their life forces with a natural gemstone while adding opulent touch to the bathroom interior.

Bathing in such a translucent bathtub would make you realise that self-care is all about justifying the body while rejuvenating your senses, spirit, and mind while getting ready to face the challenges of life. We would suggest you add an extravagant chandelier on the top of this tub to make your bathing experience feel grander. For more Cutomized Marble Bathtub, or stone bathtub please contact us by email.

22. Illuminating White Onyx Bathtub

Illuminating White Onyx Bathtub

It is an incredible illuminating white onyx tub to add a striking aesthetic to your modern bathroom. You need to install it on a nicely backlit floor so that the light passes through the translucent stone and highlights the natural aesthetics of stunning onyx.

The surface of the onyx tub is hand-carved to be irregular to maintain the natural shape of the material. The raw material has been split and carved for many hours to create a smooth interior surface for relaxing comfortably at the end of the day.

This white onyx bathtub is a statement piece for a stunning contemporary bathroom.

23. Rock Crystal Bathtub

Rock Crystal Bathtub

Hand-crafted by Luca Bojola for Baldi, this rock crystal bathtub is a limited-edition piece, as just three of them are ever made. This panoramic crystal bathtub is made out of Amazonian crystal rock. Since it measures over 8 feet, this luxurious bathtub has enough space for two people. Hence, it’s a great bathing piece for couples.

We would recommend getting your new gemstone bathtub customized in a similar design if you often crave grandeur and glamour in the bathroom. This design would look amazing in both complementary and contrasting bathroom interiors.

24. White Irregular Onyx Bathtub

White Irregular Onyx Bathtub

Want to add a statement into your washroom? If you are thinking about it, them adding this onyx bathtub is an amazing idea. It is an extraordinary piece for adding aesthetic value to your bathroom.

It has an uneven surface on the exterior but a perfectly even and finished interior for a comforting bathing experience.

Broadly speaking, this marble stone is available in various types of textures. Hence, it perfectly meets the demands of all types of interior designs and the architecture industry.

25. Le Grand Queen Gemstone Bathtub

Le Grand Queen Gemstone Bathtub

The semi-precious Le Grand Queen gemstone bathtub brings the earthy and relaxing feel of nature with its unique luxury backdrop and veining effect. Its brownish surface with patterns has a wood-like appearance that looks amazing when paired with white floating vanity and white bathroom interior.

Its minimal lines also allow the natural stone to blend seamlessly with a modern interior. If you need a tub that’s opulent and extraordinary at the same time, it is best to choose this particular piece.

26. Patterned Gemstone Bathtub

Patterned Gemstone Bathtub

Lastly, have a look at another grand bathtub design that is also carved by hand using a natural gemstone. This freestanding bathtub in a rectangular shape boasts an elegantly curved design. With golden or refined stainless steel plumbing fixtures, this bathtub will look even more appealing.

Carved out of a single block of a gemstone, this tub design does’t feature unwanted lines, cracks, or marks. This makes it even more stunning, as you can only focus on its beautiful natural patterns. For more customized marble bathtub, white onxy bathtub, rose quartz bathtub, onxy bathtub, or natural stone tub please contact us by email.

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