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Published: 6th, Oct 2022

Stone bathtub design and Price:18 Amazing stone tubs

Bathing in a tub will calm down your head, spirit, and emotions. There are several health advantages to having a bath, but choosing the ideal one can be complex with an infinite array of possibilities.

Bathing in a tub will calm down your head, spirit, and emotions. There are several health advantages to having a bath, but choosing the ideal one can be complex with an infinite array of possibilities. There are a lot of different bathtubs to select from, including ceramic, wood, copper, and stone, to make bathing a unique experience.

With stone home décor becoming increasingly trendy, many of you may be considering trying something new. Installing a stone bathtub in your bathroom will offer durability, elegance, and a natural charm. Here is a compilation of the fantastic stone tubs that combine utility, beauty, dignity, and creativity to give your house a professional spa-like feel.

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1. Papillon granite bathtub by Classybath

Classybath designs the Papillon bathtub; it is an excellent option for improving your bathroom decor. This bathtub has a hemispheric form with exquisite granite marble designs, making it ideal for bringing unrivalled individuality to any bathroom. You'll like its mild form in addition to its fantastic look.

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2. Kora stone bathtub

Kora stone bathtub

Kora, an incredible marble bathtub created by Enzo Berti, is constructed for beauty and natural purity. The Kora Stone is carefully carved that it doesn't reveal any cracks, wrinkles, or blemishes on the body; instead, it has black vein-like markings that match any modern bathroom. It appears to be floating in mid-air while sitting on a black metal foundation.

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Boat-shaped stone bathtub by Antonio Lupi

Vascabarca is a confined bathtub created by Anne and Patrick Poirier for the famous bathroom company, weighing around 600 kg; owing to its unusual boat-shaped form, this bathtub is an ideal example of a modern bathroom. In addition, the creator coupled signs and numbers in each bathtub in Roman letters.

3. Nero Marquina Marble Bathtub

The Nero Marquina Marble Bathtub was created handmade from a unique marble block. This beautiful black glossy bathtub with white designs on its top adds relaxation and appeal to any bathroom. It has an attractive appearance and adds a special touch to any bathroom. Its glossy black hue and mild form will appeal to you. It will be a spa-like pleasure for all of you to bathe in this round stone bathtub. The most excellent part is that you can have it in any length and scale you choose.

4. Simi bathtub by Bathco

Simi bathtub by Bathco

Bathco's stylish fixed stone bathtub has a modern look and a curved shape. Instead of having a plain round piece of stone, these bathtub designs are rather comfy and attractive. The deeper colours of marble provide an exquisite aesthetic that blends well with any toilet's current décor.

5. Ovum marble bathtub

Ovum marble bathtub

The fascinating Ovum marble bathtub, designed by Archizero, Michele Cazzani, and three others, is a one-of-a-kind piece. Its slightly slanted shape is both soothing and attractive. Although having cut out of rough natural stone, the egg form represents artistry excellence.

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6. Level 45 marble bathtub

Level 45 marble bathtub

Level 45 is a freestanding marble bathtub designed by renowned architect Naghi Habib for the Italian company Falper. The beautiful and sophisticated aesthetic of the unusual arc shape, enhanced by a matt finish, makes it ideal for modern bathrooms. The Level 45 stone bathtub's space-saving design is excellent for households with tiny bathrooms.

7. Sandstone Bathub from Marblebee

This Sandtone Bathtub from Marblebee is a fantastic choice if you want to bring the attractiveness of wood and the solidity of stone to your house. The stone bathtub that looks like wood is constructed of natural stone, which sets it apart from other stone bathtubs on the list. The Zen-style luxury bathtub is a work of art that will undoubtedly enhance the realistic atmosphere of your bathroom.

8. Onda marble bathtub by Dedalo Stone

Onda marble bathtub by Dedalo Stone

Dedalo Stone's square-shaped bathtub is made of a monolithic layer of white marble. It may be used as a standalone isle because of its chaise longue-like shape. Two marble pieces are attached with magnets on both short sides of the hydromassage bathtub and may be removable to examine the constructed hydraulic system. It's a luxury bathtub that may give your bathroom the appearance of natural stones.

9. Aquatica Purescape Graphite Bathtub

If you want to add a touch of darkness to your bathroom, this freestanding bathtub is a great option. The structure's firm, matte surface has a smooth feel that is incredibly comfortable to touch. It's excellent for maximum comfort at home.

10. Round stone bathtub from Elite Stone

A solid block of grey bubble onyx, fashioned into a standalone bathtub with exceptional craft, sits on a gleaming metal base. The simple lines and round form are perfect for adding colouration to your bathroom.

11. Onsen bathtub

Rodolfo Dordoni's Onsen is a modern twist on conventional rectangular baths with a modern design, a curved back, and a spacious nook. The bathtub is accessible in Bianco Carrara, Crema d'Orcia, Pietra d'Avola, and Silk Georgette, and was designed by Salvatori. It is intended to serve as a living area well-being hub.

12. Rock crystal bathtub from Baldi

This gleaming bathtub was made from a single piece of rock crystal that weighed over 10,000 kg and was discovered in the Amazonian rainforest. The rock crystal's inherent beauty is shown by leaving the exterior surface rough. It transforms into a gleaming diamond by incorporating lights from its surroundings.

13. Huge river rock bathtub

It's a natural bathtub with rounded sides that's perfect for setting outside. People who enjoy being outdoors will appreciate sitting on a foundation composed of tiny river stones. It's in a Japanese holiday rental in Gora Kadan.

14. Convivium V3 by Nespoli E Novara

This advanced bathroom features a glossy surface looks lovely in a dark-themed bathroom. There are nine different types of stones to choose from. The unique shape of this bathroom outlet helps in the overall appeal of any bathroom.

15. Granite bathtub from Stone Forest

Adding a bathtub with a natural theme may elevate bathroom design to unimaginable heights. Its exterior surface, made of rough beige granite, beautifully displays numerous natural stone designs, while the alcove is carefully polished for a comfortable atmosphere. It appears to be stone from the exterior, yet the interior features clean and elegant voids that tell the narrative of a modern bathtub. For more Customized Granite Bathtub please contact us by email.

16. Dedalo Stone's Hydra bathtub

The Hydra bathtub by Dedalo Stone is constructed of marble stone and glass. With two sides of clear glass, it adds a sense of emptiness to your bathroom. The bathtub resembles a chaise couch with a distinctive form. For more Customized Stone Tub please contact us by Email.

17. Conca hydromassage bathtub by Vaselli

Conca hydromassage bathtub by Vaselli

This limited stone bathtub by Vaselli has a cylindrical shape and a pleasant look, making it ideal for a big bathroom. Its spacious design allows two persons to bathe at the same time and recline luxuriously on the backrests. It is, without a doubt, a beautiful example of form and function.

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