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Written By: Emily Perera
Published: 18th, Oct 2022

30 Graceful Marble Bathtub Decor Ideas For Heavenly Bathroom Interior

Whether you have a sprawling bathroom or a modest one, you can make a powerful statement into the interior decor with a stylish marble bathtub.

30 Graceful Marble Bathtub Decor Ideas For Heavenly Bathroom Interior

Whether you have a sprawling bathroom or a modest one, you can make a powerful statement into the interior decor with a stylish marble bathtub. While there are so many materials for bathtubs in the market, marble is still preferred by many due to the opulence and sophistication that it adds to the bathroom interior of any style - be it traditional, modern, or contemporary.

Why Choose Marble Bathtub For Your Bathroom Interior

Besides the luxurious appeal, a marble bathtub adds value to your home. Since this natural stone is the epitome of luxury and grandeur, many potential buyers prefer houses with marble tubs in a stylish bathroom.

And if you choose a marble bathtub in the right colour and design pattern, it can make your bathroom interior appear more welcoming, spacious, and brighter - depending on what you want from it. However, if you want to make the most of your overall bathroom design, we recommend you to consult a specialist, like Classy Bath, who is aware of combining your ideas with endless design possibilities.

30 Graceful Marble Bathtub Décor Ideas

A modern marble bathroom is a suitable place to showcase your exquisite marble bathtub. It is because such tub and interior design are the perfect combinations to make your bathroom seem like a part of a luxe hotel. But how to decide which marble bathtub goes with which bathroom interior? Don’t worry, here we mentioned different marble bathtub decor ideas to suit your bathroom design. Let’s dive in.

1. Black Marble Japanese Soaking Tub

Have a look at this stylish round black marble Japanese soaking tub. It is a sophisticated and elegant piece made with Negro Marquina black marble. What makes this marble soaking tub special is that it’s able to dress up any ambiance. Meanwhile, it will stand out from other decor elements in your bathroom interior.

Place this stunning black beauty in a bathroom with dark theme or the one with grey tiles and wooden detailing on windows/ceiling. Whether you keep it in the middle or corner, it’s surely going to shine through the entire restroom.

2. Stone Bathtub in Grey

This oval sandstone grey bathtub is another beautiful style inspiration for a luxe bathroom space. Since it is available in customized shape and size by Marblebee, you can get the same design in similarly toned marble to add to your stylish bathroom. Its curvy ends and smooth inner section make it comfortable for the user. Moreover, the curvature is a perfect fit for different interiors.

This gorgeous piece if best suited for a contemporary interior design in all-white or neutral beige or tan theme.

3. White Stone Bath

Another stylish bathtub design is this high endurance granite tub, which is great for both indoor and outdoor bathrooms. It is hand-carved using a natural stone and elegant design. This one is also available in a custom design by Marblebee. So, you can get it in any marble design and colour choice to suit your bathroom interior. Add this natural stone tub into a classic bathroom with marble flooring and white tiles on the wall. When placed against a wall, it will instantly enhance visual appeal of the entire interior.

4. Carrara Marble Bathtub - Onda

Carrara Marble Bathtub - Onda

Dubbed Onda, this luxury Carrara marble bathtub has been influenced by relaxing, gentle waves of the Mediterranean sea that crashes on the Carrara beach. For those who love to dive into a pool, this marble bathtub is a perfect piece to let them enjoy the idyllic beach vibe. What’s more interesting is that it includes an internal seat with a sinuous and comfortable ergonomic line to perfectly fit your body shape. The contemporary style marble bathtub in rectangular shape is well-suited for bathrooms with classic marble tiles. Place it against a wall for seamless effect or keep it near a window to enjoy hot bath while enjoying outdoor views.

5. White Marble Bathtub - Nuvola

White Marble Bathtub - Nuvola

The stunning Nuvola marble evokes the exquisiteness of ancient Roman and Renaissance times. With its extraordinary whiteness and slightly grey and bluish hues, this marble bathtub oozes luxury that’s far from imagination. This white bathtub will look amazing in a white bathroom with patterned tiles. Since all white can appear too bland, so keep things interesting with little patterns in a bathroom with fun tiles or by adding some planters. For more Customized White Marble Bathtub please contact us by Email.

6. Round Marble and Stone Bathtub - Cratere

Round Marble and Stone Bathtub - Cratere

Another masterpiece on this list is the dazzling Cratere round marble and stone bathtub. This luxury bathtub boasts an amazing design, which is hand-carved to offer maximum comfort. It is made using a single block of marble and sculpted into a gorgeous bathtub that’s lightweight, easy-to-install, and impeccably stylish. Whether you place this round tub in the center or near a window in your bathroom, do add a rug next to it. It will help you warm up neutral-themed bathroom without making it appear too stark. For more Customized stone bathtub please contact us by email.

7. Luxurious Kalypso Bathtub

Luxurious Kalypso Bathtub

For adding a grand appeal to your bathroom, this stylish Kalypso bathroom is an ideal piece. It is influenced by the classic ancient forms and made from a single marble block. It’s intended to be a sculptural and functional object for a stylish bathroom space. Plus, its surface boasts a unique veining pattern for a warm and inviting feel in any washroom. Want to add an element of interest to your all-white bathroom? Add this patterned tub and see how it adds an outstanding impact.

8. Kora Marble Bathtub

Kora Marble Bathtub

Kora marble tub takes its name from an old traditional instrument of West Africa. Just like the shape of the instrument, this bathtub boasts an elliptical shape. And, the amazing reference to music is through wonderful water sound as one soaks into it. Being suspended in the air with the support of metal legs, Kora makes you feel as if you’re floating in the air while bathing. Add dimension into your contemporary themed bathroom interior with this classic oval-shaped tub with perfect veining pattern. Don’t forget to accessorize the area with plants.

9. Venice Marble Bathtub

Venice Marble Bathtub

Venice freestanding marble bathtub is influenced from the popular lagoon canals and the elongated narrow boats in the region. That’s why its design is quite similar to the boats found in that area. Boasting oval, linear, and sinuous shapes, this tub focuses on sculptural beauty while offering maximum functionality. Interior design tip: Play up your white or grey bathroom tiles and sheer shower curtain with this classic Venice marble bathtub.

10. Epoque Stone Tub For Naturalness

Epoque Stone Tub For Naturalness

This all-white sculptural bathtub is carved from Amazone stone. It boasts a simple and elegant shape with a subtle top design. This freestanding bathtub will let you appreciate the natural beauty of the stone while amplifying the feeling of relaxation and naturalness. Plus, the linear and simple forms enable you to focus on its essence while blending into the interior with a neutral interior. You can even get it customized by Classybath in marble or any other natural stone of your choice to match your bathroom interior. Since it is a plain white bathtub, it would look amazing in a warm toned interior with wooden detailing. Stick to lighter, reclaimed woods so that the interior doesn’t feel too dark.

11. Eclipse Pietra Marble Bathtub

Eclipse Pietra Marble Bathtub

The egg-shaped Eclipse Pietra marble freestanding bathtub is made from Carrara marble. The aesthetic shape of this bathtub is an exquisite interpretation a modern expression of relaxation and organic style. Meanwhile, it boasts enveloping lines and a striking design. Furthermore, the ergonomic lines blended with the monolithic form offer aesthetic value and functionality to this masterpiece. This bathtub will look amazing sitting next to a tile mural in a bathroom. If you want an effortless look, get it installed in similar patterned marble interior.

12. Freestanding Oval-Shaped Marble Tub

Freestanding Oval-Shaped Marble Tub

This stunning freestanding oval-shaped marble tub is another great addition to stylish bathrooms. Its symmetrical and sharp lines form perfect balance while making the tub the focal point of the interior. Due to its classic oval shape, it is a perfect fit for any interior design. If you have a bathroom interior all-grey tiles or grey tiles with wooden accent, choose this marble tub for your space. Also, add a furry rug for warmer effect.

13. Neo-classical Bathtub

Neo-classical Bathtub

Here’s another classic oval-shaped bathtub boasting a neo-classical design. Created by interior design duo Humbert & Poyet, this luxury bathtub is a stunning example of ancestral craftsmanship. The stone tub will look amazing in similar green marble bathroom interior with high ceilings, arches, and colonnades. Meanwhile, it will add touch of modernity with its streamlined design.

14. Freestanding Travertine Bathtub

Freestanding Travertine Bathtub

Another elegant oval freestanding tub is this floating design in beige. Due to its curvature, it boasts a sophisticated feel with a repeating circle motif. It would instantly put you in the mood for relaxation as soon as you dip yourself into it. From round edges to smooth inside, this tub is a stylish addition for any interior. Add this travertine bathtub into your industrial style bathroom with earthy toned flooring and while walls. Also, add gold finished plumbing fixture for royal aesthetic.

15. Ancient Wood-Inspired Black Marble Bathtub

Ancient Wood-Inspired Black Marble Bathtub

Do you love the classic style and contemporary spaces? If so, have a look at this ancient wood-inspired black marble bathtub. Made from marble and other natural stones like travertine, sandstone, etc., this tub boasts a clean, sharp, and natural appearance. Meanwhile, it adds unique visual interest to any area in your stylish bathroom. The idea behind this creation is to showcase how natural stone can be designed in any elegant design and finish to suit different bathroom designs. It is a great tub for dramatic all-black interior. For monochrome effect, place it in a contrasting black and white bathroom with some hints of gold in plumbing fixtures.

16. Nero Marquina Large Black Marble Tub

Hand-carved from Nero Marquina black marble, this large tub boasts subtle white veining. The freestanding oval bathtub has a smooth exterior and interior with a relaxing curve on one end. What’s best is that Marblebee offers to customize this bathtub style in any elegant design, size, and shape to meet your bathroom’s interior requirements. It is another stunning black tub for monochrome themed bathroom. Or place it in an interior with wood-like tiles, wooden ceiling, and all black walls.

17. Classic Marble Bathtub

Classic Marble Bathtub

Boasting a white backdrop and grey veining patterns, this classic bathtub is also well-suited for different bathroom styles. The interior of this tub is slanting for making the user relax effortlessly. Furthermore, the classic and elegant appearance of this bathtub will add instant glam to your washroom. Place this tub in a marble bathroom interior. For some deco glam, add mirrors on the marble walls and plain white sinks.

18. Gorgeous Marble Bathtub

Another gorgeous marble bathtub on our list is this spectacular piece, which is made from a single block of natural stone. Aside from its sculpted design, the makers offer this style in customized shape, colour, or size. So, it can be crafted in any style as per your needs and your interior’s requirements. Add this patterned marble bathtub to break up all-gray or all-white interior theme in a bathroom. It will surely add some character to your interior.

19. Freestanding Black Marble Bathtub

For those who love dramatic touch in their interior, this handcrafted freestanding black marble tub is a great choice. It exhibits minimal white or grey pattern for subtle aesthetics. Furthermore, the gold accessories enhance the overall look of the bath. All thanks to Classy Bath, you can even customize its design to meet your requirements. This boat-like bathtub is best suited in dramatic black interior with black tiles and white walls with some golden accents in the bathroom fixtures. For more custom black marble bathtub please contact us by email.

20. Antique Stone Carved Bathtub

Antique Stone Carved Bathtub

Want some antique touch in your bathroom? Consider adding this antique stone-carved bathtub for a perfect meditative bathroom environment. Such stone bathtubs with traditional designs etched on the surface are a perfect blend for classic washroom styles. It will look even more stylish in an interior with a similar-toned natural stone sink and other accessories. This way, it will add an abundance of charm and natural beauty to the given space every time you step into your washroom. This ancient looking bathtub is a perfect blend for classic bathroom with beige or tan tiles and plain off-white walls. Add more warmth into the interior with dark beige rug.

21. Round Marble Bathtub For High-End Vibe

Round Marble Bathtub For High-End Vibe

Have a look at this round bathtub in black. This piece is made from black marble that boasts a striking white veining pattern on a black backdrop. This work is well-defined by a certain amazing set of elements that are characterized by minimal circular shapes that speaks volumes about this bath piece. With matching sink and bath accessories, it would be a perfect bathtub for classic bathroom interiors. If you want to decorate your gray bathroom with natural stone pattern and striking colour, this marble tub is a perfect choice. It is also a great fit for industrial-style bathroom interiors.

22. Green Marble Bathtub

Green Marble Bathtub

By adding a marble tub into your washroom, you can add a classic charm to the interior in no time. However, you need to choose the right material for the suitable interior design. This green marble bathtub will blend well with the classic green-theme bathroom. It will also look amazing in an all-white setting if you want to keep all the focus on the bathtub. Either way, it’s a great addition to your restroom.

23. Another Luxurious Green Marble Tub

Another Luxurious Green Marble Tub

Here’s another green marble bathtub style to add opulence to your bathing area. In this image, this tub is completely blended into the wall of this marble bathroom. But if you don’t want too much green, you can keep the walls white. This way, your bathtub will be the statement piece in the given area. Also, amplify its look with gold bathroom fixtures. As shown in the image, install such patterned bathtub with similar patterned tiles on the wall for seamless effect.

24. Diamond Bathtub

Diamond Bathtub

Want an eye-catching bathroom feature in your washroom? This Diamond Bathtub is definitely a head-turner. It boasts sold structure with a high gloss finish. And, with the golden rims, it looks like a royal piece. You can get a similar style in black marble by Marblebee. No matter what material you prefer, this stunning tub will glorify your interior for sure. Add striking touch to your brown and black tiled bathroom with this diamond bathtub. Place it near a window for highlighting its unique shape. Plus the gold accents add a regal touch to the entire design.

25. Calming Oval Marble Tub

Calming Oval Marble Tub

Have a look at this soothing oval marble tub. It is a perfect piece to offer distinct taste and style to your modern bathroom. Its white background with various patterns adds an interesting visual appeal to your bathing space. Also, prefer to add it in a marble bathroom for a more cohesive look. The calming shape of this oval marble tub is also a great fit for all-white interior for an oasis effect. It would look its best when placed near a huge window in a bathroom along with a big planter in the corner of the window.

26. Modern Italian White Carrara Marble Bathtub

For the natural marble tubs in white, a slight variety goes a long way! This tub, for instance, has a combination of grey and off-white hues with natural black patterns. Overall, this tub will add a predictable monochrome vibe to any interior. However, its intriguing patterns draw the eye of the viewer. However, the oval shape gives it a classic vibe. White + gray is the soft and soothing combination for bathroom interiors. This tub is best suited for combo themed white and gray tiled interior or all-gray or all-white bathroom theme. Also, add a neutral coloured rug for warm effect.

27. Double Slipper Nero Marquina Stone Bathtub

Double Slipper Nero Marquina is an exquisite bathtub style, boasting authentic black marble material. Plus, the white colouration and striations lend visual dynamic texture to its aesthetic whoever looks at it. And, all thanks to its double slipper design and the ends extending upwards in form of wings, it is a great relaxing tub for resting your head comfortably and keeping your feet up while soaking. Plus, Classy Bath can customize it for you in the desired shape, size, and material. Blend your neutral gray bathroom walls with the striking pattern on this black tub. Sitting in a grayish bathroom, this tub will look the statement piece for sure. Also, add some candles around it for calming effect while soaking.

28. Modern Built-in Seated Japanese Soaking Tub

Want a soaking tub with style and more comfort? Consider adding this stylish Japanese soaking tub into your bathing space. The natural marble can hold water warm for a longer duration. Plus, the built-in seat offers utmost relaxation when you sit and soak in it. Not to forget, the premium quality tan marble would make a style statement in any bathroom interior. This soaking tub is a great fit for a modern bathroom with dark beige or tan tiles on the floor with similar toned walls. Place it on a corner with surroundings filled with calming candles for soothing aroma while soaking.

29. Custom Seated Soaking Marble Japanese Soaking Tub

The luxurious Masha white marble soaking tub is another perfect design for the ultimate relaxing experience. With this custom marble tub, you get to experience pool-like comfort in your home. And, the unique headrest and built-in seat are all customizable by Class Bath. So, you can get it as per your requirements and bathroom interior. Another good thing about the design is that its inner seat has ergonomic lines, offering maximum comfort and relaxation experience to the user. Choose this classic soaking tub for a white, monochromatic palette with mixed of different textures in form of rugs, curtains, etc. It will feel effortless, but still elegant.

30. Swirling Marble Bathtub

Swirling Marble Bathtub

Lastly, this spectacular custom swirling marble bathtub is another marvel of amazing craftsmanship. Available in tan and any other colour of your choice, this striking marble tub would be a premium addition to your classy bathroom interior. You can even get it customized as per your preferences and lifestyle. Place this swirling tub near a huge floor-to-ceiling window to highlight this design. It would be a great addition into a bathroom with light beige tiles, white walls, and marble countertop in same hue. Also, add some bathroom furniture for comfy and eclectic decor.

All these stylish marble bathtubs can be customized by Marblebee and Classy Bath. Do consult these marble experts to let your customized bathtub meet your requirements.


  1. Are marble bathrooms currently in style?
    Marble bathrooms are timeless and ever-popular. This natural stone keeps coming back to trend year after year, and still is in style for decking up all styles of bathroom interiors.
  2. Which bathroom interior goes well with a marble bathtub?
    Marble is a soft natural stone that is easy to sculpt in any desired shape. Sculptors can create any bathtub shape using this material. Therefore, it is suitable for any bathroom interior - be it traditional, modern, vintage, or contemporary. For more Customized natural stone tub please contact us by email.
  3. Are marble bathtubs easy to clean?
    Marble bathtubs often form a build-up of minerals on their surface, especially in bathrooms. However, it is easy to clean with a mild soap and damp sponge or cloth.
  4. How to maintain the beauty and longevity of a marble bath?
    Here are five easy tips to maintain the beauty and longevity of a marble bathtub:
    • Clean spills as soon as possible.
    • Keep dusting and wiping off its surface regularly.
    • Maintain the sealer.
    • Use soft cloths and sponges for cleaning.
    • Get professional care, if needed.
  5. How to clean a marble bathtub?
    You can clean a marble bathtub soon after bathing or using it. It can be cleaned with a soft cotton cloth or sponge and mild liquid soap. You can also look for a commercially available natural stone cleaner for keeping its surface tidy.
  6. What color choices do I have in marble bathtubs?
    There are so many color variations in natural marble. For instance, marble surface is available in green, beige, white, gray, blue, black, pink, brown, red, gold, and more hues. Therefore, homeowners get a variety of color choices when it comes to choosing the right piece for a particular interior.
  7. Are marble bathtubs durable?
    Yes, marble bathtubs are very hard and durable. With proper care and maintenance, you can make it last forever.
  8. Are marble bathtubs slip-resistant?
    The marble surface gets slippery with buildup. But with regular cleaning, you can ensure that your marble bathtub does not slip as you enter or come out of it.
  9. What are the major benefits of having a marble bathtub?
    One of the major advantages of having a marble bathtub is that it adds value to your home.
    This material is available in many colours and it’s quite durable at the same time. Moreover, it can keep water warm for a longer duration. So, you can enjoy long warm soaks comfortably any time.
  10. Are marble bathtubs good?
    Marble is suitable for most showers and other wet area applications. There is some maintenance required if you want to keep your stone looking its best, but it is not a dealbreaker.
  11. Do marble bathtubs look luxurious?
    Yes, marble bathtubs add luxurious appeal to bathroom interiors. Due to its opulent, stylish, and sophisticated visual appeal, marble bathtubs are considered very royal. As a poof, you can find marble bathtubs in many old palaces that belong to kings and queens from the bygone eras. For more Customized Marble Bathtub, or Carrara Marble Bathtub please contact us by email.

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