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Written By: Luna Wang
Published: 26th, Nov 2022

Decorate Your Home With These Unique Marble Décor Items for Chic Look

Marble has become a favorite when it comes to decorate homes. Marble aesthetics not only elevate the design quotient of your home, but bestow it an exquisite quality while increasing the value of your overall property...

Modern Sculpture of Yellow Onyx Louis Vuitton Suitcases

Marble has become a favorite when it comes to decorate homes. Marble aesthetics not only elevate the design quotient of your home, but bestow it an exquisite quality while increasing the value of your overall property. In the recent years, marble has grown as a trend and homeowners are looking at this natural material like the next accent piece that they need instead of looking at it as cold stone building material.

Now while you think that these marble accents are perfect to include without much consideration, you are sorely mistaken. You need to think about what you need, where you need it and what is the style you are looking for is. Regardless, the key to acquire perfection through marble is decorating in small quantities. If you overdo it, it will simply make your space look like a cold dungeon. You can pick a few selected, quirky and unique marble pieces that can bring your innate characteristics to the surface and reflect your personality.

Now, there are so many chic ways to include marble décor into your home with style and panache. They add organic texture with certain elegance that only marble can offer. Simple, graceful, and a forever-favorite stone material, marble is versatile, beautiful and unique with its own veining and coloring. To help you decorate your home with marble, we have compiled a list of ten unusually unique marble décor pieces.

Marble Bag Décor

People are practically obsessed with bags as they are stylish and absolutely necessary. But have you ever seen a marble bag that works as a décor item for your home? Probably not. Well, take a gander at this absolutely gorgeous, real-looking purse that has been carved out of natural marble blocks. It has been crafted from black Nero Marquina marble that has bold white veining all across it. It looks like a briefcase bag with handles, bolts and everything. You can display it around the house, tricking people into thinking that it is an actual bag. It won’t tear or wear out like your other bags and will be a unique décor accent for years to come.

Marble Car Decoration Accent

Cars are pretty cool and everyone thinks that. If you are a car aficionado, then this marble car model is perfect to decorate your home in style. Made from natural black Nero Marquina, this car model is an absolute beauty that can be a perfect home décor item. The bold white veining on the black marble car accentuates its beauty. It will add a sense of whimsy and elegance to your interior. It is small in size and can be displayed almost everywhere. You can put it over your fireplace mantel, on your living room table, in your bedroom or on your patio.

Stunning Marble Shoe Pair

These shoes are not meant to be worn as they are heavy and well, made from gorgeous white marble. They deceptively look like a real pair of white shoes and will be a fun item to trick your guests. You can exhibit them around the house, lending your space a quirky vibe. Display it as a table centerpiece, which not usual and will surprise people. They also make a brilliant conversation starter. They can blend right in your current design layout and will increase the style quotient immediately. These shoes have been carved from natural white marble that has beautiful gray veining running all over the marble accents.

Beige Marble Suitcases

While marble staircases, pedestals or backsplashes are all the rage right now, incorporating something like this trio of beige marble suitcases can be the spark your home interior needs. Made from natural beige marble blocks, these suitcases look like ancient chests people used to hold their treasures. Carved in different sizes, these marble chests feature delicate patterns, bolts and handles to depict actual suitcases. They can trick your family and friends into thinking that you have some ancient treasure on display. You can proudly keep them on the fireplace mantel or display them on your side table. Regardless, they are likely to add value to your interior design with a stylish flair.

Ocean Wave Marble Tabletop

This ocean’s wave rectangular marble tabletop will add a stunning modern vibe to your living room and will be an instant conversation starter. Made of Nero Marquina marble, this tabletop is inspired by ocean waves and features a half-polished and half-carved surface. This marble tabletop brings a classic and ageless aura to your room. It has been meticulously hand-carved to bring out the unique accent design and features a highly-polished surface and is incredibly easy to maintain. Install this on your existing or new table for unusual and classy marble décor. It will not only enhance the design layout but also increase the property value.

Marble Skull Toilet

Want to have some fun with people who come to your home? Display this marble skull toilet for décor in the middle of your living room. It will confuse and give a fright to your guests and invite interesting conversations. Made from absolutely stunning black Nero Marquina marble, this faux marble decoration toilet looks so real that people might even mistake it for a real bathroom accessory. It has bold white veining over it. The pot has been designed in the shape of the human skull, giving it Halloween-like vibe. You can display it anywhere you want to make a style statement. It will reflect your humorous and quirky side.

Freestanding Marble Clock

Beautifully crafted from rich burgundy natural marble block, this statement marble clock is an unusually chic item you can display in your home. It has a striking pair of metal hands, showing you the time. Its asymmetrical shape adds a capricious flair to the design. It has been inspired by minimalism and Scandinavian designs. It will be an eye-catching piece sitting on your fireplace mantel or shelf. You can place this beautiful, functional work of art in your living room, bedroom or even the kitchen. Its stylish design will invite conversations and increase the design quotient of your home.

Marble Book

With people preferring audio books and e-books over physical books, this marble book can bring a sense of nostalgia to your home. Hand-carved from natural white marble, this faux book décor item can be a true conversation piece. You can use it solitary or in a group. It can be stacked on a table to make a pedestal of sorts where you can display other objects. Or it can be used alone as a paperweight. It features subtle gray veining on its white body, which adds certain elegance. It can be displayed anywhere in your home to enhance the design layout.

Marble Obelisk

The tall, four-sided, narrow tapering monuments of Ancient Greek, known as the obelisks, represented living deity, the vitality and immortality of the pharaohs. Now, they are wonders of architecture. You can display this beautiful miniature obelisk, hand-crafted from gray and brown marble to decorate your home in a whimsical style. It can be used as a paperweight or as the centerpiece of your fireplace mantel. The dual marble creates a striking balance and adds depth to it. You can display this unusual item anywhere in your home as a timeless decoration piece.

Marble Disk Sculpture

Disks were of a lot of use in the days past, however, they are hardly used anymore. You can invoke the feelings of uniqueness and nostalgia with this beautiful marble disk sculpture. The hand-carved marble accent can be a stunning addition to your living room, bedroom or home office. It features a round shape like the disk and is poised on a stable marble base. It can also be used as a paperweight. This contemporary style decorative disk will revamp your current design layout. You can display it atop your console table or end table to create an enchanting aura.

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