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Written By: Luna Ruiz
Published: Febuary 27, 2023

Marble Gazebos

If you were asked to name the quintessential stone structure in high-profile exterior designing—the most recognizable and high-caliber design that conveys class and status—you may find yourself thinking of the almighty gazebo.

These massive and beautiful structures have been the setting of many an important ceremony and memorable moment, and their lineage as works of art go as far back in the history of sculpture as any classical art style ever did. And despite their singular look and unmistakable design, gazebos have proven to be quite versatile and flexible in their structures and purposes.

Although different versions of the gazebo have been developed widely independent of each other in several major cultures throughout human history, the very first recorded instance of such a design might have come from Egypt, where they have been spotted in an ancient landscaping plan dating back five thousand years ago

The notion of an outdoor structure featuring a protective roof without any major walls is a universal one, allowing advantages to both spiritual practices and people who merely wish to enjoy an unobstructed day outside with a little shade. In China and eastern Asia, the pagoda, harkening back to Buddhist and Hinduist places of worship, is a similar structure with plenty of historic DNA in common with the gazebo designs of today

Today, the benefits of modern technology have brought these esteemed structures to heights never before dreamed of, even during the ancient renaissance in which architecture flourished.

There are many different kinds of gazebos, and all of them are beautiful. From Europe, there are rotundas, which, as their name suggests, are rounded ring designs with spherically domed roofs. From Asia is the iconic pagoda, which combines gently swooping curves with solid angles and can elegantly support multi-tiered levels.

Pavilions are another common gazebo style in the west, and are often quite functional and simple in their designs, usually in conjunction with a larger building as an outdoor gathering space. And finally, for a more unusual design, the pergola is a square or rectangular polygon shape, which may have an open wood-plank roof that provides no shelter from the elements, but is a beautiful place to assemble gatherings and events when the weather is right!


Gazebos aren’t limited to simple polygon shapes, either. This extravagant stone feast encloses a walkway and encapsulates a cozy little nook with a bench, with an enclosed shape in the middle of two elongated paths. This design showcases the unlimited potential of fully customized designs made to order: any kind of landscaping plan can yield its own special gazebo design

Classical Greco-Roman inspired marble columns of iconic creamy white can fit in basically anywhere, especially in this case where marble flooring of a similar color has already been installed: thanks to our customization, the color of the marble can match anything that may already exist in the exterior design plot

Gazebos are also versatile because they work so well with other sculptures. Check out this stunning beige stone gazebo around a pavilion. Encapsulated by the gazebo—which, you may notice, is fully open and technically “incomplete,” to dramatic visual effect—is a beautiful little water fountain featuring a pair of marble cherubs

The stone pavilion is enclosed not by a fully complete gazebo, but by a wrought-iron gate and a series of marble benches. Don’t feel limited in any way by the structural guidelines of the marble stone gazebo: all of the rules are just waiting to be broken, to make way for some daring new look or inspired new design plan

Gazebos can truly fit anywhere. Thanks to a storied history of various sculptures that fit the same description but with different names and cultural backgrounds, there is really no visual aesthetic that the proud gazebo can’t adopt

Rounded, hard-edged, swooping, elegant, imposing, open, closed, stone, metal… the possibilities are quite literally endless! Really the only limitation is that they have to be outside and they must be allowed to tower over the structures around them.

Being dwarfed by another larger structure is the only thing that can drag down the power and beauty of a stone gazebo. But that will rarely be a problem, as gazebos naturally dominate the space they’re in, while also leaving it fully open and free!

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