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Written By: Emily Perera
Published: 14th, Dec 2022

Marble Table Top Buying Guide: 10 Best Designs for 2022

Furniture in your home makes a style statement and holds a mirror to your personality as well. While investing in tables for your living space, you must look for a style that suits your design and speaks to you as well. And obviously, there is no other material that epitomizes luxury, class and elegance in a timeless manner than marble.

Marble table tops are absolutely stunning and enhance your interior with various finishes and designs. These table tops can instantly become a symbol of opulence and beauty for ages.

However, finding a marble table is not always as easy as it sounds and finding the right one in your available budget and style setting is quite difficult. Here is a guide to help you make an informative decision before you go shopping for marble table tops.

Things to Consider before Buying Marble Tabletop

Before you go out buying a marble table top for your space, you must consider a few things regarding its maintenance.

Regular Maintenance: Marble table tops require regular cleaning and maintenance. While it looks gorgeous, marble scratches and etches easily, meaning you will have to be careful. You need to seal the heavy-use areas on regular basis, once a year is recommended to protect your marble table top and keep it fresh.

Protect from Stains: If you are investing in a marble table, you probably should get some coasters too as even a plain glass of water can leave a ring. Marble can be stained easily in comparison to other stones like granite. It is especially sensitive to acidic foods and many household cleaners can stain or dull the finish.

Sensitive and Expensive: The material is sensitive to temperature, which is why you must avoid placing anything sticky, hot or icy cold directly on the table top. Moreover, it is an expensive task to get rid of any stains or scratches that have settled in.

Best Marble Types for Tabletops

Marble is an exquisite natural stone with beautiful grain and patterns that can add a peaceful quality to any space. There are plenty of marble types out there for you to choose as the key material for your table top. However, there are two best marble types that are used to create stunning tabletops.

Italian Marble: Nothing embodies class and luster like the finish of an Italian marble table top. Italian marble table is perfect for large rooms. This marble is a simple, unique, durable and a longtime favorite for table top. It is much like marble and onyx and is both heavy and intricate.

Carrara: Carrara marble is absolutely delightful material that is a two-tone cool, white and gray stone. It has a grainy background as well as spidery veins. It is a beautiful and classic choice for a marble table.

You can choose one of these three types for your marble table top. Based on the home decor setting, you can analyze the materials and decide which one will compliment your current style. Arabescato, Portoro, Emperador and Nero Marquina are some other preferred marble types.

How to Maintain a Marble Table Top

While marble table tops are extremely beautiful, there is a bit of disadvantage to owning this material – it can be a little difficult to maintain. Marble requires constant cleaning and maintenance.

You cannot let any messes sit or else they will dampen the luster of the material. You have to be careful with sharp objects that can leave scratches on the marble table top.

However, with proper knowledge and care you can keep your marble table forever shining and young. You must dust the table surface once or twice a week with a soft cloth. You will also need to wash the marble frequently with a damp cloth with warm water and a bit of mild dishwashing solution.

Remember never to use dusting sprays or abrasive cleaners on the marble as they can damage the material.

But the most effective and astonishingly easy way to maintain the marble table top is to take preventive measures. You must use coasters, cutting boards and placemats on the table to protect it from stains and any scratches.

You must keep any citrus fruits, tomatoes and any other foods high in acidic content in a bowl or a plate and then place them on the table. If you directly place an acidic substance on the marble table top, you can inflict damage to the material.

10 Best Marble Table Top Designs

Tables have the tendency to become the focal point of a room. Make it a marble table and you are golden. It can showcase your taste of design, style and personality all at once.

As the surface of any table is the most eye-catching part, you must browse a little before you invest in a table. The table top material must be chosen carefully and in regards to the overall design layout. With plenty of options available, it is quite easy to get overwhelmed. But we have got you covered and here are the best marble table top designs for 2021 you can purchase to adorn your home.

1. Ocean's Wave Marble Table Top

This beautiful ocean wave marble table top is made from Nero Marquina marble that is guaranteed to become a conversational piece instantly. Its black table top has an ocean wave-like pattern that is half-polished and half-carved. This gorgeous table can create an amazing ambiance in your modern living room by evoking a natural vibe. It is a durable and sturdy table and can be customized to fit into your space and design needs.

2. Ocean Memories Marble Table Top

Ocean Memories Marble Table Top

A creation of Paris-based designer Mathieu Lehanneur, the Ocean Memories is a minimalist marble table collection. These table tops are hand-polished to reveal a shiny finish that transitions from a matte flat surface to a wavy glossy texture. The juxtaposition of surface texture creates an amazing furnishing piece. The black marble blocks with subtle white veins are used to make the tables reflect the environment and distort surrounding light.

3. Wave Surface Marble Table Top

This rectangular black marble table is made from Nero Marquina marble. It features a stunning wave pattern that will be a stylish addition to your modern living space. The table top surface has ocean waves that are represented in a juxtaposition of the half-polished and half-carved surface. It is well-suited for large spaces. It is a classic and timeless piece that will never go out of style and is destined to become the focal point of your space.

4. Wave Round Marble Table Top

Nero Marquina marble is a brilliant material to make marble table tops. Take this stunning circular table top that will be the statement piece for your home. It is well-suited for both residential and commercial settings. It is a handmade table that is inspired by the ocean waves and giving a half-polished and half-carved design. You can bring the natural element into your living or office space with this wave round marble table.

5. Rectangle Ocean Memories Marble Table

Rectangle Ocean Memories Marble Table

The small rectangular marble table top is a hand-polished piece with a glossy finish that transitions from a matte smooth surface to a wavy shiny surface. This beautiful sculpture stunningly captures the turbulent nature of the oceanic currents, which classically juxtapose against a calm and serene surface. The black marble surface reflects the surroundings of the table brilliantly. It is created by the brilliant designer Mathieu Lehanneur.

6. Marble Altar Table Top

Marble Altar Table Top

Part of the Altar Table Collection by EWE Studio, this stunning coffee table in Venetian gray marble is absolutely a must for your living room. It is cut from a single stone, with its character, size and quality shaping the final form of the table. This table is inspired by the flat surface pieces used in pre-hispanic rituals and ceremonies. Once the table is sculpted, various small holes are created into the base to ensure they remain stable.

7. Round Marble Table

Round Marble Table

This stunning beige marble table top is perfect for both outdoor and indoor settings. With a shiny surface, this round table features subtle veins in gray and white. This is a waterproof and stain-proof material, and is a popular pick for bars and restaurants to fight off any stains. It is durable and is sure to become the conversational piece in any space.

8. Blue Imitation Marble Epoxy Resin Table Top

Blue Imitation Marble Epoxy Resin Table Top

This handmade, marble epoxy resin table top is absolutely stunning with its oceanic blue colors. It is affordable, durable and is made from marble and epoxy resin. It features variations in the veining and pattern that make each piece of table top unique. The table can be customized to fit into your space. The resin table top is non-porous and will never crack.

9. Green Black Veins Imitation Marble Table Top

Green Black Veins Imitation Marble Table Top

The beautiful green epoxy with black veins imitation marble table top is affordable and durable. It can be customized to flawlessly blend and complement your interior. Made from epoxy resin, this table top is artisan crafted with extreme care. As it is handmade, there can be variations in the veining and patterns of each table top. It is heat-resistant, scratch-resistant and UV resistant, and can be used in outdoor surroundings as well.

10. Onxy Marble Table Top

Onxy Marble Table Top

This pedestal luxury marble onyx table top is made of Chinese silver dragon marble. Featuring the beautiful black and white colors, this rectangular table top is the perfect pick for restaurants and homes alike. It will brilliantly blend into your living room space and will add to the style quotient. The table features a shiny, luster surface finish and will become a central focus in your interior.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How to assemble a marble table top?

A: To assemble a marble table top, you need to apply a thin coat of industrial-strength adhesive to one side of each of the plywood squares and glue them to the base of the marble table top. You need to center each piece of plywood over the mark to put the screws in.

Q: Can you order a marble table online?

A: Yes, you can order a marble table online. All you need to do is to find a perfect table online from an authentic maker like Classy Bath, research the materials, affordability and shipping details and order it if you like it.

Q: Do marble table tops get scratches easily?

A: Marble is a natural material, which can scratch easily, particularly when left exposed to something acidic for a long time. For instance, a slice of lemon placed on a polished surface overnight can leave a big stain, dulling the surface.

Q: What are the advantages of having a marble table top?

A: There are so many advantages of having a marble table top. It is a beautiful material that can elevate the beauty of your interior. It is a durable furnishing piece if cared for properly and regularly. But more importantly, this is a timeless material that will never go out of style.

Q: How to clean a marble table top?

A: Marble can stain quite easily, but it can be cleaned up in a jiffy. To clean your marble table top, you need to wipe down the surface using a non-abravise cloth or sponge and a gentle soap and water. But make sure not to use vinegar, Windex or bleach as these acidic substances can dull the marble.

Q: How much a marble table top cost?

A: The average cost for a marble table top is $60 per square foot but can range somewhere between $40 and $100 per square foot.

Q: Which marble stone is most expensive?

A: Calacatta is the most expensive type of marble. It can cost $180 per square foot owing to its rarity. It is only found in one quarry and its supply is extremely limited.

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