Get Stunning Marble and Stone Bathtub Projects on Sale

Bathtubs are not only functional, but they highly serve an aesthetical purpose as well. Adding the finishing touches to your master bath design can elevate the design quotient in an instant. With brilliant shapes, sizes and plenty of materials, the stone tub projects are designed to create the perfect meditative bathroom environment.

Stone bathtubs are a wonderful accessorizing when your goal is to perfectly mesh your layout. Imagine unwinding in a beautiful artistic hand-carved stone bathtub at the end of the day, swirling in a world of charm serenity and organic beauty every time you enter the bath. Here are some of the most stunning marble bathtub projects and stone bathtub projects for sale that you can invest in to give your bath space a makeover.

Black and Gray Marble Bathtub

This luxury marble bathtub project includes a two-layered design, with black and gray marble. Inspired by the fascinating Roman civilization and their luxurious bathroom designs, this bathtub is designed with matching washbasins, with a smooth interior and a rough surface outside. It can be custom-made in any size, material, color and style to fit in your bathroom design.

Sculptural Soaking Bathtub

If you own a big bathroom, you must choose an extravagant, eye-catching bathtub. Completely hand-carved from natural Carrara white marble, this marble bathtub project creates a luxurious and natural look in your bath space. Its exquisite quality can be customized in consideration of plumbing, room layout and any other design requirements.

Black Stone Bathtub

A marvelous design with a natural black granite bathtub with a chiseled exterior and a polished interior. A big boulder turned into a stunning bathtub, this marble bathtub project will bestow a unique quality to your design layout. It can be customized to suit your bathroom design. This high-quality freestanding bathtub is hand-carved from one block and is highly polished.

Freestanding Bathtub

The freestanding tubs have always been classier than their counterparts. This oval, natural beige stone tub project is hand-carved from natural stone blocks and is available in standard size. It can be customized to suit your space and any design requirements and create a warm, romantic environment for you to relax.

Freestanding Bath

Soak yourself in this beautiful stone bathtub at the end of a tiring day. This stone tub project is deep and meticulously hand-carved from natural stone blocks. The black tub can be drawn down to suit your size and requirements. With a honed surface finish, the oval freestanding bath will create a luxurious bathroom for you.

Standalone Bathtub

This unique stone-carved standalone tub is hand-carved from natural white marble. It looks like a mollusk. You can have it customized to fit into your design layout and plumbing. The oval freestanding bathtub will create an amazingly luxurious atmosphere for you to relax in. The white marble project is a classic and fits impeccably all kinds of bathroom styles.

Egg-Shaped Bathroom

This creative egg-shaped marble bathtub project is specifically suitable for kids. It is a suitable depth for children and you can also immerse yourself to unwind in this tub. There are also matching luxury basins to adorn your bathroom, along with this tub. It is hand-carved and can be custom-made in any size and shape to fit your space.

Minimal Bathtub

Shaped like a bowl, this black marble bathtub project can be a brilliant addition to any bath space. The round soaking tub with a sit-in-seat is a modern piece that is good for women who have their hair styled and do not wish to get their hair wet. It creates a simple, luxury bathroom design and is available for matching basins and vanity tops.

Large Rectangular Bathtub

Large bathrooms and large bathtubs go hand in hand. This freestanding, large rectangular tub is a marble bathtub project that will enhance the beauty of your bathroom. It is an excellent choice for huge bath spaces; this marble tub has a honed surface finish and is entirely hand-carved. Moreover, it can be customized to fit your design layout and any other considerations.

Soaking Bathtub

Absolutely perfect for small spaces, this gray soaking tub will make an amazing addition to your home. Raised back for comfort, the soaking stone tub project is a good option for people who do not have a lot of bathroom space. It can be customized in different shapes, sizes and colors to incorporate into your available space seamlessly.

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White Oval Bathtub

This natural white marble bathtub project with a few gray veins is a luxury accumulation in your bath space. Available in a standard size, this can be custom made to cater to your design needs, be it size, shape or color. It lends an exceptional quality to your space as it is completely hand-carved from the finest of materials and is absolutely beautiful.

Frequently Asked Questions about Stone Bathtubs and their Answers

Q: What is so special about stone tubs?

A: Stone tubs are special as they are carved from natural materials, which give them an exquisite quality and create a bridge between modern and traditional bathtub designs. They are strong and durable and raise your style quotient.

Q: How do you clean a stone tub?

A: Sometimes, stone tubs can be hard to clean. You can clean a stone or marble bath with some soapy water and ammonia-based cleaners to remove the majority of dirt and residue from the material.

Q: How do you move a heavy stone bathtub?

A: If you are moving a stone bathtub along a flat surface with few stairs, you must use a furniture dolly, which can hold up to 1,000 pounds and are perfect for moving large items such as marble and stone tubs. But, if you have a lot of stairs, the use of an appliance dolly is wise.

Q: Are stone baths heavy?

A: Yes, stone baths are heavy but the heaviness mostly depends on the type of bath. Lightweight baths can weigh between 75 kgs and 200 kgs, while heavier baths can weigh up to 300 kgs.

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