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Written By: Luna Ruiz
Published: 20th, Dec 2022

Stone Pedestal Sink: Everything You Need To Know

A pedestal sink is the highlight of stylish bathrooms, as it’s available in various versions that differ in colour, positioning, shape, and construction material. The classic column washbasins are being substituted by new freestanding stone pedestal sinks.

The best thing about pedestal sinks is that they don’t require wall attachments or support bases and can be installed even in the middle of a bathroom or the corner area. Practically, they can be used almost anywhere in a room while saving space.

What Exactly is a Pedestal Sink?

Also known as standalone or freestanding, a pedestal vessel sink is a washbasin design that is constructed with a single or two pieces of the desired material (typically stone) that contains a narrow base and wider sink sitting on the ‘pedestal’.

Unlike wood pedestal sink or cabinet-style bathroom vanity, the stone pedestal sink won’t rot or get damaged. Therefore, these are preferred by homeowners who choose durability and practicality over style. But that doesn’t mean that stone pedestal sinks are not stylish.

There have been so many variations in its design features, details, and size over the years. However, the basic concept of this sink remains the same. Not only functional, but these sinks also offer a very updated look to a modern bathroom. It is because these are available in various new designs that are breaking the mold and bringing this once-popular style into the limelight again.

Pedestal Sink

Marble Pedestal Sink - A Touch of Sophistication

Marble pedestal sink, such as Carrara, Calcatta, or any other marble, is often loved by many interior designers. All thanks to Marblebee, you can easily get our stylish marble stone sink in customized shape or size. Such designs are easy to create with great craftsmanship and a keep eye on the fine layout.

Since the marble pedestal sinks are made of premium quality material, you’re offered a warranty by the manufacturer on the finely handcrafted sinks that make any room practical, unique, and timeless.

The freestanding stone sink models boast new varieties for the bathroom. And, they also have a dual function - stunning design and firm support to the upper sink that’s supported by the pedestal. A white marble pedestal sink, for instance, is very functional, durable, and beautiful to add a different mood into a modern bathroom space. Not just bathrooms, these sinks are also suitable for kitchens or any other indoor or outdoor areas of your home. So, you can get them installed without worrying whether or not this style will suit your home’s interior/exterior setting.

The stone pedestal sink is usually underestimated but these are very trendy in reality. They boast an enviable allure that can transform any bathroom space into a total work of art. Hence, it’s called an object of elegance and unparalleled refinement - especially if it is made of marble.

Other Stone Pedestal Sinks

If not marble, you can even choose sandstone, travertine, or granite for creating an equally stunning and durable pedestal sink for your home. No matter what stone material you choose, a pedestal sink can be a protagonist in a bathroom. You can even choose it in a design that adds less contrast to your bathroom. For instance, you can go for a neutral pedestal in your subtle-themed bathroom.

The versatility of a stone pedestal sink makes it a special bathroom accessory to deck up a modern interior. It doesn’t even need fixing on a wall and you can choose it in various styles - be it pre-made or customized versions.

Pedestal Sink

For instance, round pedestal sinks can perfectly blend in with any sanitary ware that’s similar in style and shape. Likewise, you can design them with geometric lines in column style to match with the surrounding furniture, decor pieces, and accessories. This and so much more can be personalised as per your preference, using expensive materials like marble, granite, and onyx.

Benefits of Stone Pedestal Sinks

There are some amazing things said about this particular sink style. To begin with, these are great for small spaces, like powder baths. It means that this style is suitable for areas where you don’t want a heavy vanity cabinet in your small bathroom space.

A stone pedestal sink will not only save you a ton of floor space but also add aesthetic appeal to the interior. If you have a tiny bathroom, or you just want to make your bath appear bigger, pedestal style is amazing for this. That’s why these styles of sinks have become so desired in the first place. Moreover, over the have a very small footprint.

Here are some reasons (in detail) why homeowners adore natural stone sinks:

Reason 1: Versatility

Since natural stone sinks are made from materials quarried from the earth’s crust, these are likely to be available in many versatile natural designs that are difficult to create by a machine. With so many versatile designs available for granite, marble, and other natural stones, it is easier for homeowners to choose the desired style to blend in with their bathroom interior. If you choose white stone sinks, these prove to be incredible for small bathrooms. It is because white is known to reflect light and make a room appear bigger than its actual size.

Reason 2: Incredibly Stylish

Pedestal Sink

Whether you choose marble, sandstone, or granite pedestal sink, this style is likely to stand out among the most sinks in the market. Depending on the design you choose, these sinks are suitable for any bathroom interior. Be it cutting edge or conventional bathroom layout, you can get them fixed anywhere without worrying about it looking odd.

Reason 3: Durable

Since natural stones are made under extreme temperature and pressure conditions of nature, these are often highly durable than other materials, like wood, ceramic, etc. If maintained properly, a natural stone sink can even last you a lifetime hands-down. This is another major reason why homeowners prefer stone sinks for their bathrooms.

Reason 4: Adaptable

Since stone pedestal sinks don’t have any extra space that is viewed as a major drawback. Due to this, this particular basin is very adaptable to any bathroom style that doesn’t even have a large space. You can place it in the corner, middle, or against a wall, according to the available area in your bathroom space. When picked carefully, the sink and the pedestal will complement each other while upgrading the overall theme of your bathroom.

Reason 5: Hides Plumbing Fixtures

The pedestal sinks add unique tastefulness to your bathroom and their one real purpose is that it disguises the pipes and other plumbing fixtures. In addition, they do not have the basic prerequisites where plumbing is concerned.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Stone Pedestal Sink

When choosing the right stone pedestal sink for your bathroom, you majorly have to consider the colour scheme, layout, and available space of your bathroom.

Here are a few important things to consider when choosing a stone pedestal sink for your bathroom:

  1. Size of bathroom: The pedestal sinks are available in different sizes, shapes, and designs. It is suggested that you consider your bathroom’s size when choosing one. For smaller bathrooms, it is best to go for a style that goes well with the corner of a room. For larger bathroom spaces, you can choose a big pedestal sink to be placed in the center or against the wall.
  2. Where to Install: Each sink has a distinct installation process. But when it comes to a pedestal sink, it comes as a freestanding version that’s ready to be installed at any desired space. You just have to decide where you want to install it for making the most of it.
  3. Location of shower and toilet seat: It is also very crucial as you don’t have to make your bathroom appear unorganized and messy. This sink must be fixed as per the location of your shower and toilet seat - without causing hindrance or movement issues.
  4. Right Faucet Choice - Selecting the right faucet for your sink is very crucial. It must match the style of the washbasin and the overall bathroom style. With a pedestal sink, you have ample faucet designs to choose from - such as center set, spread fit, single handle, etc.

What About the Cost?

The cost of your unique pedestal sink varies as per the material you choose. While the marble sinks may cost you a little more, sandstone or limestone sinks are available at a reasonable price range. Furthermore, the price also varies as per the customization you go for.

But one thing is for sure that your money spends on the stone pedestal sink won’t go to waste. It is because natural stone is highly durable and can even last a lifetime. So, it offers a better long-term investment - as it lasts longer compared to cheap vanity cabinets.

How to Install Stone Pedestal Sinks

The installation process of stone pedestal sinks is very simple. A pedestal sink comes with a consumer installation guide that is easy to follow.

All you need to do is place your sink in the right location, place a basin and pedestal to the wall, fix plumbing fixtures and faucets, and finally seal its seams with caulk. The installation process of this sink is very easy due to its design.

However, if you are renovating a bathroom or re-installing a sink where plumbing does not exist, you have to hire a plumber to make new plumbing lines for you. This is something you must not try yourself.

Pedestal Sink FAQs

Q: What is the best material for the pedestal sink?

A: For a higher level of durability and longevity, natural stone is considered an ideal choice for a stable pedestal sink. It also provides flexibility in terms of style, design, and aesthetics. Hence, preferred by many homeowners.

Q: What should I look for in a pedestal sink?

A: When choosing a pedestal sink, you need to see its width and depth for the widest part of the sink. It is best to leave some space on either side and between the wall and the sink. The overall pedestal sink must not overpower your whole bathroom design.

Q: What shape mirror looks best over a pedestal sink?

A: When it comes to a pedestal sink, usually an oval or round mirror is preferred to complement its curved shape. However, if you are feeling a little more artistic, you can go for a decorative mirror style. You can find such unusual mirror designs online or in mirror shops near you. This way, you can amp up the look of your bathroom - be it modern or traditional.

Q: Can you put any sink on any pedestal?

A: Well, you can transform your bathroom look by interchanging the bases and sinks of your pedestal washbasin. Pedestal sinks usually work well in bathrooms with limited space, including powder rooms and half baths. Be it modern or an early 20th-century interior, the pedestal sink is a perfect fit for both styles.

Q: Are pedestal bathroom sinks still popular?

A: Pedestal sinks were once a popular choice for small or stylish bathrooms, but later they were taken over by vanities and cabinet-style sinks that provide extra space for storage. But today, pedestal sinks are making a strong comeback - especially in modern bathroom designs. These are being accepted more and more by homeowners who want to transform their modern small bathrooms without going over the top.

Q: Is the pedestal sink hard to install?

A: Pedestal sinks are very simple to install. Their elegant design takes up very little space in a small bathroom. If you have the right plumbing in position, installing a pedestal sink on your own is quite easy (but you need to be an experienced DIYer). Or, simply call a professional to install it in a few hours.

Q: Does my sink need a pedestal?

A: Well, that depends on your personal choice - whether or not you want the plumbing to be hidden. A pedestal sink is usually a wall-hung lavatory where the sink is attached to wall studs without the need for the pedestal for support. But if you want to hide plumbing or want a freestanding sink in your bathroom, a pedestal is required for that.

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