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Written By: Emily Perera
Published: 24th, Jan 2023

Modern Bathroom Trends

Natural stone Bathtub

Over the years, sensibilities and styles always change. Aesthetics reflect culture, which is ever-changing, and along with rapidly developing technology, things don’t tend to stay the same for a very long time. But on the other hand, some things are also rooted in place because they are practical, and no amount of modernism or changing tides will ever affect an invention that works and is elegant in its function. So when something like a bathroom appliance stays fairly consistent throughout the years due to its sheer usefulness, the evolving styles of the times can feel rather surface-level, like a coat of paint that is periodically repainted with a fresh coat.

However, the marriage of style and substance is one of the greatest achievements in art and engineering, and keeping a strong sense of style when working with appliances that must work at all times, such as sinks and bathtubs. And as with all things, artists, craftsmen, and designers have found a way with bathtubs (and with bathroom styles in general) to not only maintain the popular artistic trends of the time, but also embrace them, and even sometimes lead the way. Due to the popularity of commonly beautiful and sophisticated sculpting materials like marble and ceramic in modern bathrooms, these bathroom appliances are ripe for testing the limits of practical sculptures that also serve a useful purpose, as well as stretching the versatility of such a specifically designated room.

Leading the charge of this marriage between fashion and function—the wedding officiant, if you will—is certainly the freestanding stone bathtub. Not only is this style of bathtub among the oldest, beaten out perhaps only by natural hot springs, but it’s also, by design, wholly versatile, liberating, and completely open to almost any kind of visual aesthetic, able to match your bathroom regardless of its theme or style. It can have legs, or it can stand on its belly. It can be put in a corner, or under a window. And it can be decked out with all of the modern gadgets and quality-of-life upgrades that any interior designer in 2022 could ever want to include in their bathroom. Plus, they tend to look absolutely beautiful, especially when lovingly carved from solid marble stone!

Bathtub setup

In the case of this freestanding marble tub, simplicity belies style. The stark bicolored scheme splashes brightly across the rest of the washroom, and the black and white hues are extremely flexible and look great regardless of the other colors and textures in the room. This is perfectly suited for the freedom inherent in a freestanding bathtub, which can be installed anywhere that the plumbing can be reached, which thanks to modern technology is almost anywhere in the bathroom

Similarly, the marble bathtub’s smooth egg-shaped design is just as versatile and elegant: a straightforward design that looks good pretty much anywhere. Set it against similar white and black marble backgrounds, and in the image shown here, pay special attention to the color veining on the marble walls that contrast gently with the color of the stone and which also maintain the monochrome black and white scheme of the overall room. But in addition to the monochrome, small splashes of burgundy from the hand towels fit in nicely, demonstrating how very different colors can easily coordinate with black and white.

Bathtub setup

Sometimes, even pure, uninterrupted white can stand out and contribute to style. For the past few years, popular aesthetics have tended to favor solid colors, bordering on minimalism, as opposed to complex patterns and designs which might have been more popular in the 80’s, 90’s, and early 2000’s. Here we can see that sensibility in action: gentle beige wooden floors and ceilings blend beautifully with the white freestanding bathtub and the deep dark browns of the sink and its lower cabinets, and the white walls outside, visible through the clear glass doors, complement the creamy off-white walls of the shower in the corner.

Finally, the vivid greenery of the foliage outside adds a final splash of verdant brightness, reminding us that the complete picture of home décor and design can sometimes reach further than expected. Nothing clashes, and the vision is very clear and uncluttered. The careful placement of colors and textures, however, creates its own kind of complexity

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Color balance and pleasant visuals are important in all rooms of a home of course, but the drive to emphasize bathrooms as showcases of smart and innovative interior design reflects a recent cultural shift: that of the bathroom from a quiet corner made for private business, to a center of Zen and luxury, where you immediately head for a relaxing wash and hot soak after a long, hard day.

And like any other place designated as a spot for rest and unwinding, modern bathrooms are designed with comfort, peace of mind, and visual beauty in mind, culminating in a sophisticated yet peaceful atmosphere that for the past couple of generations seemed to be present only in the homes of the very wealthy: a far cry from the harder, more straightforward and utilitarian aesthetics of middle-class bathrooms in decades prior.

But time is a flat circle: the stunning washrooms of antiquity are famous, with their glistening tiles and ornamental clawfoot bathtubs, and the medicinal values of steam, soaps, and cleansing plants and herbs have all been well-known for a very long time. The importance of the bathroom as a place of healing never fully left, but in recent days it has exploded in the cultural consciousness as something that all homeowners should aspire to

Bathtub setup

There are no examples of bathrooms as safe spaces of relaxation than this jaw-dropping display, with an intricate painted mural featuring a beautiful color scheme carefully chosen to blend in with the colors of the walls, appliances, towels, and toiletries throughout the room. The mural features a breathtaking display of cranes wading in the shallows, rendered with brilliant detail and surrounded by subtle blooming mists and the flowing wisps of leaves and vines all around.

Trees loom in the deep distance: the bathroom feels expanded and open, and the fog in the painting will blend into the steam from the bathtub and sink during use. The bathtub itself seems placed carefully to simulate the water that the frontmost crane is walking through, and the gentle off-white color of the tub blurs the border of the painting and the real world. It would be the easiest thing to lose yourself in this incredible place, when the hot water starts flowing and time melts away

This artistic trend opens the gates wide for visual artists and sculptors to truly unleash their vision and express themselves. Marble craftspeople, mural painters, interior designers, and color theorists can all find a powerful stage on which to exercise their craft and flaunt their skills. The best part is that all of their talent can be ours to enjoy, as we settle down in the middle of a true cornucopia of artistic innovation and inspiration

Look again at the crane mural painting in the bathroom discussed above: you might see such work in a museum or art gallery, but where else would you be able to enjoy such a painting at your leisure? Relaxing, steaming, scented, and private: the absolute pinnacle of any art exhibition. And in this case, the art isn’t just decoration. It is built into the room’s very function!

Bathtub setup

Dark and cool colors abound in this stylish and sophisticated modern bathroom, where towering vertical lines and soothing shadows contrast with the understated white bathtub and sinks. A gentle natural sunlight comes in through a doorway, and only small electric lights add to the room’s illumination, keeping the light soft and discreet. Well-placed plants frame the white bathtub, and the walls combine starkly different textures—a rocky, dark gray granite and creamy brown wood slats—to a beautifully harmonious effect

The deep colors seem to create a kind of blanket of darkness under which to curl up and rest during your bath, to be relieved by the sweet natural sunlight when it’s time to head back into the day. From the bath mat under the tub, to the carefully placed candles, even to the black sink faucets set into the vertical slat walls underneath the deep black mirrors, every single element present in this bathroom has been carefully curated and selected to achieve an overall artistic vision. The entire room is a proud display of color, texture, light, composition, and space, making it the ideal location to unwind and relax after a hard day’s work.

With this contemporary emphasis on bathrooms as a place of Zen, there would naturally also be a demand for improved technology, matching the focus on high art with quality-of-life improvements in the actual function of the bathroom’s appliances. Modern upgrades such as fast-filling toilets, touchless sink faucets, and more flexible electric light fixtures have all been becoming more common with the passing of the years, but despite all of this progress, it’s perhaps equally important that the rustic, organic aesthetic of the room isn’t sacrificed.

Carefully considered color schemes and technologic sensitivity to the environment (such as humidity-sensitive exhaust fans) help blend the technology into the more naturalistic style of the room.

Making things fancier is fairly easy: injecting popular elements of the times into long-lasting utilities and appliances can make them a dime a dozen. Where true innovation and inspiration can be found is when the technology, the modern sensibilities, and the artistry are all merged seamlessly together.

When the appliances feel like they’ve arrived home, and the layout and style fit the new role of bathroom as a luxurious and restful place, that’s when it becomes clear why the concept of bathrooms as centers of Zen and peace rather than simple places to wash up and take care of business have re-entered the public consciousness with such a powerful enthusiasm.

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